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Paprika 1: Five Boyfriends Penny Dumped (and the one she kept)

Author: Kat
Title: Five Boyfriends Penny Dumped (And One She Kept)
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Paprika 1 (If you wanna be my lover.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature collection, glitter (flame), modeling clay (success), oils (it's a trap!), stain (Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, "Where have I gone wrong?" Then a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night." - Charles M. Schulz), glue (Your positive attitude remains the ultimate key to your happiness today, even in the most difficult situations.), novelty beads (Li'l Wayne, the Vettes), seed beads.
Word Count: 600
Rating: PG.
Summary: Penny is badass. Penny's taste in boyfriends, not so much.
Warnings: racism, sexism, fetishism.
Notes: For Sex is Not the Enemy, this NSFW picture. AHEAD AGAIN, KELLY. I had a couple people look this over for inadvertant racism, but if you catch any more, please, please call me on it. Thanks! And thanks to Isana, SWL and Dark Puck for being my privilege-catchers; ILU.

1) Mitchell

The thing Penny could not understand about Mitchell: was he trying to be a cliché?

It was like he'd studied the media portrayals of "asshole black man" and purposely patterned himself after them. She felt like she was living in a Destiny's Child video. He expected her to pay his bills, called her "woman," laughed at her concerns and, when he admired anything about her, admired her ass.

It was ridiculous, a waste of a hot guy and a life, and she didn't know why she'd dated him at all.

She liked comparing herself to Beyonce, maybe. Really, who wouldn't?

2) Alec

Alec, bless his sweet heart, was completely and totally one hundred percent gay. Penny didn't figure it out until she walked out of her bathroom buck naked and he didn't bat an eyelash, but the clues were kind of hard to ignore after that.

Because... seriously. She was hot. She had great breasts and amazing curves and a confident pride in herself. Staring at the ass of every hot guy they passed could be excused, maybe—she liked a good ass herself, male or female. Ignoring her glorious nudity? Gay.

They still went out guy-spotting occasionally. For old times' sake.

3) Russell

God, dating Russell was a disaster.

He was fabulous in bed. Really, truly, fabulous. Where other boyfriends had focused on themselves, Russell actually ensured that Penny came, and usually more than once. Plus, he was willing to try things that her previous boyfriends had mocked. Pegging, for example? Awesome.

But out of bed... even back then he was drinking too much, and he talked shit when he wasn't sober that Penny wasn't ever going to tolerate. Their fights approached epic status.

Angry sex (and make-up sex, and plain ol' sex) could only get them so far.

She didn't miss it.

4) Tyrone

Objectively, there was nothing wrong with Tyrone. He was extraordinarily handsome—a dead ringer for Idris Elba, and didn't Penny enjoy the envious looks she got—and a complete gentleman. He was intelligent, and treated her as if she had a brain. He was good in bed, and appreciated her body as well he should.

He was just—well—boring.

Her mom and her friends all said he was the perfect man, and that she should marry him. None of them could understand why she dumped him after only three months.

She knew she didn’t want perfect. She wanted real.

5) Darell

Penny really needed to stop dating guys with names ending in double l. It never ended well.

Darell was nice at first, but he did a one-eighty straight to assholeville. Fucking white guys, thinking their girlfriends wouldn't blink if they had a little something on the side. Well, she damn well would and Darell found out about it at top volume, because fuck him, if he wasn't satisfied with her then he didn’t get her at all.

Later, a friend warned her that he had a fetish for black chicks, which was probably the only reason he'd dated her.


6) Jay

Jay was so very much not perfect. He had a fucked-up family, for one (though at least he acknowledged the fucked-up-itude), and he was smug sometimes, and it could get so irritating she just wanted to punch him in his smug teeth.

And yet he was smart, and funny, and appreciated her, body and brain. The sex was fun and the conversations even better, and he'd never cheat or call her fat or treat her as less than her due.
Penny had standards, okay. And Jay met all of them.

She thought she'd keep this one around for a while.
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Love the use of the format, and yay for Penny not settling!
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Go Penny! She knows what she wants and what she deserves and she's not going to settle for less.
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Awesome! ^^
She knows what she wants. Knows what she deserves. And she is not afraid to go for it and not settle for anything less. I like her :-)
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This is really most excellent and you should be proud of all the work and care you put into it. Thank YOU for writing it!
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It was my pleasure! *HUGSBACK*