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Fire Opal, 12 + canvas + eraser + novelty beads + stain + charcoal + glitter + glue.

Author: Sara
Colors: Fire Opal, 12. break down any wall.
Supplies: Canvas, Eraser (Choices AU), Novelty Beads ("Boy, I'm setting my sights on you/And you can bet by the time I'm through/You're not gonna know what hit ya." - "Sugar", The JaneDear Girls), Stain ("There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise."), Charcoal (Mark, technically), Glitter (How have you changed recently? Tell us about any major personal changes you’ve gone through.), Glue ("Your thinking may be fuzzy now and trying to concentrate might only make you more anxious. Don't worry; your clarity will return. In the meantime, let your dreams be your guide.")
Word Count: 815
Rating: PG-13
Story: Kansas City, 99 Cents; title of this is What I Want.
Summary: An interlude with Mark and Richard.
Notes: AU!Mark and Richard randomly keep talking. For Sex Is Not The Enemy, this NSFW prompt.

“I’m a high-profile donor,” Richard said. “I have to attend.”

“You want me to be your arm candy,” Mark said, arching an eyebrow.

“I want you to be my date.” He matched his expression with an imperiously raised eyebrow of his own.

“Most of these people hate me,” Mark said. “I did once lead an organization that actively tried to diminish their political power, if you’ve forgotten.”

“Yes, that had completely slipped my mind,” Richard said dryly, moving closer and wrapping an arm around his waist. “You’re forgetting that I know you love being around people who don’t like you, especially when you’re smarter than them. You get to subtly insult them. Don’t try to deny it—I have plenty of evidence from school.”

“I hardly think proper etiquette calls for one of the guests of honor bringing a date who will spend the evening insulting the other guests of honor to their faces, even if they are too self-absorbed to notice.”

“Who gives a damn about proper etiquette?” Richard asked, leaning in to murmur in Mark’s ear. “We’ve never been particularly proper about anything before. Why start now?”

Mark shivered, valiantly resisting the attempted distraction. “You just don’t want to be bored all night.”

“I have mentioned these things are incredibly boring, right?”

“So that’s it,” Mark said, giving him his smuggest smirk. “You want me to be your entertainment.”

“Partly.” Richard grinned unrepentantly.


“Well, you’ll also be in a tux,” he said, ghosting a hand along his back. “So part entertainment, and I guess part arm candy after all.”

Mark couldn’t help but lean into the touch, especially when he felt Richard’s fingers splayed against the back of his neck, lightly dancing across the skin there. “You’re incorrigible.”

“That’s completely inaccurate,” Richard said, straightening and affecting a stern tone of voice. “I simply know what I want and have no compunctions about going for it.” The effect was altogether pretty commanding, and Mark licked his lips. Richard grinned, affection and amusement lighting up his eyes, and he lowered his voice, adding, “That’s why I always get what I want.”

“Oh, you do, do you?” Mark schooled his features into his best unimpressed look. “And do you expect to here?”

“I do,” said Richard, eyes sparkling with challenge. “Especially since you know I can make it worth your while.”

Mark clucked his tongue. “You haven’t heard my price.”

“Name it.” His hand gripped at the back of his neck. “Or am I supposed to guess?”

With some effort, Mark kept his expression neutral. “You think you can?”

Richard smirked and closed his other hand around Mark’s wrist, pushing him roughly up against the wall. The hand on Mark’s neck shifted up to cradle his head, and Richard murmured, “I think I already have.”

Mark’s eyes fell shut before he could resist the impulse, and when he opened them again, the look Richard was sending him sent a thrill racing through him, warming him and making him shiver at the same time.

Richard surged forward and kissed him firmly, his body pressed up against Mark’s, and he moved his hand, catching Mark’s other wrist and pinning them both to the wall.

Every rational part of his brain was telling him that he should find this disconcerting, being pinned under Richard’s weight, his arms immobile, at his mercy, but all he could do was groan into the kiss, deepening it.

Richard broke the kiss, but didn’t move away one nanometer, breath tickling his ear. “Pretty good guess, hmm?” he said, and Mark swallowed.

“A lucky one, maybe,” he managed, but he knew the ragged quality of his voice gave him away.

“Lucky?” Richard mused, dipping his head to drop a kiss onto his throat. Mark felt himself arch his head to allow him more access, almost involuntarily. “I suppose I am lucky, at that.”

It was absolutely ridiculous how much he wanted this, how much he wanted to surrender to Richard and come completely undone, not least because he knew for a fact there was no one else in the entire world who could ever come close to making him feel this way.

He met his eyes, wondering if he could convey all of that with a look. Given the heat he saw there, that smoldering, molten gaze tinged with deep understanding, he supposed maybe he had. Still, something else needed to be said. The match needed to be struck.

He knew exactly what it had to be. He licked his lips.

“Please,” he said, so quietly it was almost a whisper, unmistakably begging. Something in Richard’s expression darkened, and Mark felt a heady twist in his gut, intense and longing.

“Don’t worry,” said Richard, a pleasant note of command in his voice. He nipped lightly at his neck before continuing, a steely gleam in his eyes. “We’re both going to get exactly what we want.”
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I love their bantering! And the end is a nice hot little note to end on.
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Niiiiiiiice. Very hot, and very sexy without actually showing any sex on screen. Great job.
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I could listen to these two fire barbs back and forth all night.

And apparently as the dawn comes? I get to watch them be incredibly hot and appealing and oh mercy out of worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrds.

Thank you for posting!