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Fire Opal, 5 + eraser + modeling clay + novelty beads + glitter.

Author: Sara
Colors: Fire Opal, 5. ravenous.
Supplies: Eraser (Gay Isabella AU), Modeling Clay ("success"), Novelty Beads ("times that shine"), Glitter ("flame")
Word Count: 585
Rating: NC-17
Story: Polyfaceted; title of this is Loud.
Summary: Isabella wants to see how loud Charlotte can get.
Notes: Takes place in an alternate November 2011. Written for the Sex Is Not The Enemy Ficathon. My NSFW prompt.

“Let’s see how loud you can get,” Isabella says through a grin. It’s only their second time together, and so far, she wants to map out every inch of Charlotte’s skin and commit it to memory, wants to memorize exactly which spots make her flush all over and let out those delicious little whimpers, and she especially wants to find out what makes her lose every last drop of inhibition, what makes her scratch at the sheets and scream herself hoarse, lost to pleasure.

Charlotte lets out a throaty laugh—the laugh that always hits her hard in the gut, just there, turns her on and keeps her on simmer until she boils over—as Isabella kisses down her stomach, slowly, until she’s splayed across her, legs on either side of her face.

Charlotte’s legs—her gorgeous, beautiful legs, ones she can’t resist caressing as she admires them—are also spread for her, and she leans in and kisses her inner right thigh, light and teasing.

“Mmm,” she says, and Isabella feels a hand on her calf, thumb stroking circles.

She grins to herself and slides a hand between her legs, her touch featherlight on her clit. She drops more teasing kisses to her thighs, adding a bit of a nip here or there, and Charlotte’s breath quickens. Moving her hand, she drops a quick kiss to her clit, and Charlotte presses against her lips, making her smile.

“Not yet,” she murmurs against her skin, tongue darting out, just to taste, just to tease.

Charlotte moans. “Not yet?” she murmurs, her thumb stroking more insistently along her calf, and Isabella shivers.

“I’m making you scream, remember?” she says, pressing a finger inside her, trying not to groan at how wet she is already. She adds another finger and pumps them slowly, carefully, agonizingly, until Charlotte is letting out soft little moans and whimpers, and she keeps kissing her stomach, her legs, her thighs, puts her mouth everywhere but where Charlotte wants it the most.

She’s stopped stroking her calf, merely holding it firmly in her hand, and Isabella chances a glance up. Her girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous, dark brown hair falling over the pillow, eyes closed, face and neck flushed. She quickens the pace of her fingers and crooks them, and Charlotte lets out a loud groan.

“More,” she gasps. “Isabella—more.”

Her name, said in that lovely English accent, with that amount of need in her voice—it’s enough to make Isabella groan, dropping her lips once again to Charlotte’s clit. She licks teasingly, still pumping her fingers, and then she crooks them again and sucks hard, and Charlotte jerks.

“Fuck!” she shouts, and Isabella moans against her.

She continues her ministrations, light, teasing laps with her tongue followed by intense suction, keeping a steady pace with her fingers. Charlotte jerks and shudders under her, shouts profanity she almost never uses, and the entire experience is nothing short of absolutely fucking intoxicating.

Her pace increases as she loses herself to it, Charlotte moaning and shouting and gripping her calf hard enough that she might be leaving little indents with her nails, and with one last press of her fingers and lap with her tongue, Charlotte comes hard, writhing and gasping her name.

She’s aching for her own release by this point, and when she looks up at Charlotte, she sees her smiling with a mischievous glint in her half-lidded eyes.

“My turn,” she says, sounding like sin itself, and Isabella can hardly fucking wait.
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I did not know Charlotte is British until this fic. (Which makes sense, given she's only been in one other, and that for something like a drabble, but we've talked about her a bit.)

Hooooootness. Seriously hot and wonderful. You clearly need to write more of this AU.

Good job!
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Ooh, I've been waiting to see this AU again, and this was worth the wait. Nice job.