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Author: Kelly
Color: Iceberg 4. long nights
Styles and Supplies: Eraser; Stain (“What if this weren't a hypothetical question?” – Unknown); Modeling Clay (success); Pastels (my current gen card for [community profile] origfic_bingo, I3. Swearing/cursing)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,121
Story: Polyfaceted (Index ~ Timeline); the title of this piece is "Pinned".
Notes: Shameless PWP. Takes place in August 2012 in the Gay Brothers AU. Also written for Sex Is Not The Enemy (this prompt). I am now tied with Kat again, mwahahahaha. Constructive criticism is, as always, welcome.
Summary: Torey and Sam fuck. That’s about it.

Torey pressed Sam up against the wall, catching his hand to pin it over his head. He kissed Sam hard as he groped for his other hand; as soon as he had both over Sam’s head, Sam pressed toward him.

“This all you’re going to do?” Sam asked with a cocky smirk when Torey pulled back, but he was short of breath as he said it.

“Far from it,” Torey promised. He shifted his grip to hold both Sam’s wrists with one hand and cupped the back of Sam’s head with the other. “But it’s all I’m going to do right this second.”

Sam thrust his hips forward, rubbing against Torey’s leg, and cocked an eyebrow. “You’re sure about that?”

Torey grinned and took a half step forward, just enough that he could easily use his weight to pin all of Sam to the wall. “I’m sure.”

Sam gave him his classic puppy-eyed expression—wide, somehow liquid eyes, a little bit of a pout. Torey tried not to grin; it never worked and wasn’t working now.

“That’s not fair. Just because you’re a giant…”

“I happen to know you like being pinned,” Torey said dryly.

“I’m not saying I don’t. I’m just saying I liked the stimulation.”

“Humping my leg,” he translated.

“Yes, exactly.” Sam gave him a ‘you know you want me’ smirk—which was true, and Torey was getting to that point. He just had teasing to do on the way there. “You’re going to help me out at some point, right?”

“I’m getting there,” Torey agreed with a grin. He kissed Sam again and slid his hand around the side of Sam’s neck and to his side before working it between them when he got to Sam’s hip.

Sam hissed when Torey rubbed his hand over his cock. As much as he could, given Torey’s bulk against him, he rolled his hips forward. “How about you pin me when I don’t have pants on?” he suggested. “I like that idea.”

“I had other plans for when you don’t have pants on.” All the same, Torey let him go and stepped back.

They both stripped in near record time, and Torey gave Sam a light push toward the bed. Sam grinned and went.

Torey worked him open while he lay on his back, where they could keep kissing and Sam could use his hands. As soon as he said he was ready, Torey took his hand away, wiped it off, and rolled on a condom.

“I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Yeah, okay.” Sam rolled over and lifted himself onto his hands and knees.

With his clean hand, Torey tipped Sam’s chin up so he could kiss him one more time before he shifted behind him. He guided himself in almost agonizingly slowly, other hand on Sam’s hip to try to keep him from forcing the issue, and Sam made a sound almost like a growl.

“You’re torturing me. That’s it, isn’t it? You want information or something, and this is how you’re torturing me.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Torey said. “Although that’s not a bad idea, next time I need you to tell me something and you’re being closemouthed.”

“Then it’s not ridiculous, and would you just fuck me already?”

Torey laughed and sped up. Slightly.

“You’re evil. That’s it, isn’t it? I married an evil man.”

“How do you define evil?” Torey bottomed out and stilled. “Some people would probably agree with you.”

“I am not getting into philosophy right now. You’re still not fucking me, and you’d probably use it as a reason to torture me further.”

“I’m halfway fucking you. I’m in you.”

“Fucking implies action, Torey, so will you provide that action?”

Torey laughed and pulled back so he could slam back into Sam. Sam swore, but he didn’t sound pained, so Torey did it again and found a speed he could keep up. He wrapped both hands around Sam’s hips and watched Sam’s hands curl in the blankets, watched Sam’s head drop forward, listened to Sam’s steady cursing over his own muttered words and harsh breathing.

The problem with that speed was how fast it got to be almost too much. He had to slow, and while it wasn’t something Sam would probably deem torture, it also probably wouldn’t get Sam off just by fucking him. Torey leaned forward along Sam’s back and kissed his shoulder, sliding his right hand from Sam’s hip to his dick so he could stroke in time with his thrusts. Sam moaned and lifted his head, pushing his hips back against Torey as though he wanted him even deeper. It changed the angle, since pushing so far bent his knees, and Sam swore more harshly at Torey’s next thrust.


“Fuck, yes, there,” Sam managed. “Fuck, Torey, harder.”

He could stroke harder, but, “Too close to fuck you harder right now.”

“I don’t care how long you last, I won’t if you fuck me harder, come on.”

As long as he didn’t mind. Torey shifted enough to move his knees outside Sam’s legs to give himself more leverage, sank back, and thrust hard into him. Sam nearly shouted, his cock jerking in Torey’s hand, and Torey grinned as he pressed a kiss to Sam’s shoulder. The next thrust didn’t get as loud of a reaction, but that didn’t much matter, not with how Sam’s cursing had turned to half-words. Torey’s own words began to blur along with his mind; all that mattered at the moment was fucking Sam and jerking him off.

He did manage to force himself to hold off until he tore an explosive, “Fuck!” out of Sam and he came; Torey dropped all control right then and finished two thrusts later.

As soon as he stopped moving, Sam sagged forward onto the bed, just avoiding the wet spot. Torey pulled out and dealt with the condom before spooning up behind Sam and kissing his neck.


“I still say you’re evil,” Sam mumbled. “Or torturous.”

“Not with you,” Torey promised.

“Mmm. That’s comforting.” Sam shifted to press more fully into him.

“I’m surprised you didn’t wake Jon.”

“I’m glad I didn’t wake Jon, or we would have had to stop.” Sam sounded horrified by the very idea.

“Doesn’t matter. He’ll wake us up at six like usual. I miss morning sex.”

“Maybe we can get Johnny to take his favorite nephew for a weekend,” Sam suggested. “Then it can be like before he was born.”

“As long as we do it before November.” Torey tightened his arm around Sam. “I love you.”

“Love you too. We should… brush our teeth and stuff.”

“Soon.” Torey kissed his shoulder.

Sam made no effort to get up. “Yeah. Soon.”
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Mmmm, delicious and hot. And the banter is fun, too. Great work!
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asdfghjkl; H0T. I think the hottest/best part is how concerned Torey is that Sam gets off and enjoys it, as if he took more pleasure in Sam's orgasm than his own. Just fucking hot.

“I still say you’re evil,” Sam mumbled. “Or torturous.”

“Not with you,” Torey promised.

Lol, funny 'cause it's true.

This is a really nice, sexy PWP. *applaud*
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Torey better have forgiven you for before, cause damn, Kelly. Just damn. Nice job.
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“I’m not saying I don’t. I’m just saying I liked the stimulation.”

“Humping my leg,” he translated.



Your sex.

I just.


Thank you for sharing.