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Lotus #8

Author: SWL
Story: Jealous of Roses, Arc X / In The Heart
Index: Click Here.
Colors: Lotus #8- Drop In The Ocean
Supplies and Materials: Seed Bead birthday prompt from [personal profile] isana "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." -- Loren Eisely; unmeme request by [personal profile] bookblather "Zephyr, Jack, Peaches"; Collage, because Jack is not mine; and my very NSFW Sex is Not The Enemy Prompt. For the record, the first 2,000ish words for this were written previously. The rest is new. Oh, and portrait!
Word Count: 9,250ish
Summary: Jack Hennessy and Zephyr spend an afternoon together. I think everyone knows where this is going.
Rating: XXX
Warnings: NSFW! Egregious fluff. Depiction of depression. Rum.
The following are always welcome: comments, constructive criticism, collaboration inquiries, cake.

"Zephyr, I'm not in the mood."

His hand might have gone up between them when he said that. He was reaching for his drink. Really. That's all it was.


Zephyr didn't flinch. He didn't look disappointed even down in his mojito reflection. He didn't look much of anything besides Zephyr. Maybe kind of close to listless. Which might have been a bit odd for him.

Jack tried to catch a second glance, just so he knew.

But Zephyr slid off to another part of their booth- one of those corner ones meant for squishing in eight people or one perfume longing couple. He'd picked it, not Jack. He'd gotten the drinks and any drink had sounded just fine to Jack about then.

Anyway, he sat there, arm draped over the stretch of leather that had opened up between them. He was watching back towards the bar of the skylight bar where they'd landed. Seriously, place might have been the Cafe Del Mar of its world. Palm trees rocked spindly in the breeze over the glass around them- just enough of them that their shadows came off slow movements of patrons against the downswing of the sun. The glass besides, all of it around them, tripped crystal blue and cloud white.

Zephyr's reflection must be out there someplace in the bottles, but Jack couldn't seem to find it.

Anyway again. He was picking off his rings. Letting them clank down one at a time on the table. Fourteen of them on ten fingers.

He left them around his glass and went to the bar.

So, he'd be back. Jack guessed. Could have been some weird gesture where he was from. Fuck you and take my jewelry. It didn't make sense, but neither did cramming that much silver onto his slender hands when they were silver already.

Jack's grasp tightened on nothing. He'd never caught his mojito back. It sat there alone, blooming sweat.

He wanted some time to himself to think. That had been all he'd wanted all day. Getting swept out of his own world. If there was an entity in charge of that happening, he could have gone down on them for that, even if he had to invent a whole new way of doing it.

Then, Zephyr and at first he was glad to see him...

...but, then again. He remembered his willingness to dive into this nowhere as long as he was there.

And this happened.

He had to say something when he came back. He wanted to run to the bar and say it now, whatever it was.

How did he start? Obvious answer- don't say anything; don't even try. This was Zephyr he was dealing with. He didn't have to do anything like that.

God, he must be some kind of asshole. Still sitting there. Staring at his drink. Thinking about foisting Miranda's shit off on some guy he hardly knew outside of how he liked his dick stroked.

He should just head outside and strand himself on the beach. No one would find him there. He'd woosh home later and it would be over and maybe, just maybe, the sea would wash his head clear.

They'd be stuck at "I'm not in the mood" forever that way, as far as either of them knew and where they might spin up together again.

Zephyr returned to the table with a plate and a peach.

He proceeded to set these down firmly at his place, the plate starting off balanced on one of his pinky rings before it slid off with a clank. His hand went somewhere inside his clothes. Jack hardly caught where, but the next thing Zephyr had whipped out a nasty-looking switchblade which he applied to the peach in a sensual careful way wholly unsuited to nasty-looking switchblades. Or peaches resting in the palm of one's hand.

"Damnit, this thing's juicy," he muttered.

"What are you *doing*?" Jack asked.

But, he receive exactly no answer. And as ridiculous as peach plus switchblade had to be, he was the one who began to feel foolish there.

More foolish.

Since when were juicy peaches a bad thing?

He had to say something.

But, there wasn't anything to say. Just the sound the ice settling in his mojito. Which really didn't deserve that. It was a gorgeous day in a gorgeous whatever land. He'd slugged a good mouthful of the mojito before it and it was pretty good.

He took another sip. Whatever they made their rum out of here, it almost tasted more like cream, so the drink went down like a sundae special and his tongue flushed for more.

In the middle of more, Zephyr wiggled his hand, an odd-looking sliver of peach flesh and quite a lot of juice into Jack's face. "Peach bunneh?" he asked. "The apples were nasty."

It took a moment for the image to resolve. First of all, the table was drenched. Second, there was a goddamn switchblade in the middle of that table. Finally, Jack had to remember. People did cut modern art bunnies out of apples. When you were Zephyr and you soaked yourself to do it with a peach, you got a lop-eared rabbit, but it was still irrefutably that.

Jack smiled. The first time in what might have been hours. "You know what? I will most certainly have one of your crazy, table-destroying fruit-based rodents."

"Alright. Ahh!" Zephyr opened his mouth in encouragement.

"I can't tell you have a kid at home or anything."

"Ahh, or Imma eat it."

"I'm not falling for that one," He sighed. It didn't put out the facts of what he had to enjoy in the moment. But, the moment wasn't just that, all by itself. "Besides, if I touch you, you're going to have to put up with my /crap/."

"S'ok." Offered so light that.

"No, it really isn't. That's not..."

...fair. But, few things were.

Sometimes, he wondered why someone like him even still cared about that when he could have had anything and anyone he wanted and just forgotten.

But, Jack looked back at the spindly, violet-eyed creature trying to feed him, nectar winding down his arms like one more trickle in the light just for him to wear. He'd been born into that weird thing he could do with his skin. And there Jack was without it, without any way to pay him back for his willingness to reach to him.

Zephyr said, "I know. Is not fair at all. Just is."

"Like the fact you dripped peach juice all over my suit," being as the bunny had hovered fairy creature before him all this time. "And I can't seem to make myself care."

That got him a laugh.

Jack snatched up his chance, leaned in, and munched the peach right out of his hand, besides sucking his fingers clean, nipping into his palm.

"Lemme tell you somethin, OK? Cause like, with that game bfore an all, you didn really get what I tell a lotta people."

"I feel like we should be in bed for this." Having licked his lips, he took visited the mojito once more.

Since his companion, he dragged a little, what he started to say next. "OK, so. Bein alive, that hurts, cause bein alive 's fulla desire, an hurt comes from desire."

"Alright... why are you suddenly Buddhist?"

"Suddenly what? Been doin this eight, nine years now."

Jack went right back to his mojito about that. Before had been a pretty obvious not knowing what to do- you didn't foist Miranda issues off on other people, even if they soaked up thoughts with their fingers and wanted to touch you pretty bad. But, now he found himself confronted by this small of enormity of contradiction- someone who was there for sex and laughs talking about god stuff. He wasn't sure if he liked where this was going.

"An I've been thinkin since even bfore that- what does everybody desire? To get out from under their /hurt/. Hell, bugs desire that. Bein alive is wantin to get away from your /hurt/. But you can't. Not even if you're a monk ora wight or kinga the world."

Not even if you're Jack Fucking Hennessey. That was the implication. Did he resent that or what? Jack wasn't sure. He really... he had no idea.

"Hurt's like light," Zephyr kept talking, wet fingers scrunched up in his shirt just under his ribs. "'s a thing, but also notta thing. It floats in thoughts kinda, which're also things but not things, and they might just be hurt. I guess. I just know if I can touch yours, that's OK. It makes the hurt go away."

"Yeah, by making it yours? Seriously. How is that fair?" Scratch that, how was it remotely OK to do that for somebody? "You're making /Buddhism/ into a romance if you think that."

Besides, he'd turned the table again when all he'd really seemed to do was get it sticky with bunny juice. "Sure."

"It means you're either a bodhisattva or a demonspawn tempter incapable of doing in your own desires." Jack knew he was right about that. Dude had backed himself into a corner.

"Your god let other people beat up his kid." All that and he still hadn't looked away to the clouds, not once.

"Well, that's not exactly what went on." Though, it did have him shaking his head. "God did that to help those other people."

"So." Or was it...

"So what?" No, maybe it was just...

"So, 's not important which I am. Can't figure that out like I am now."

Jack was supposed to feel like absolute shit, that certain crumpled, sighing way that meant he'd be making up or walking out the door.

And they hadn't even been fighting. Not really. Had they?

He didn't remember.

It was just them and the drinks and the peach and the knife. Even Miranda felt further away, out in the shadows of monsters somewhere else.

Jack reached over, picked up the switchblade, and ran it over his napkin before he made folded it up. The napkin stuck only to come away in shreds. Besides, he'd managed to make a slit in his the side of his forefinger. Not more than enough to perk up a little red. It happened. He shrugged it off, closed up the knife and put it back where Zephyr could reach it.

Which wasn't that far away. Somewhere in the conversation, he'd slid back over with that tropical drink of a smile.

/Can't figure that out like I am now./

That hurt business. That was too much for now or bed or worrying at all.

But, Jack got it. And Jack let Zephyr drag his hand to his mouth, sticky riding up between them as he dabbed up those few specks of Jack's blood with the tip of his tongue.

"Either way, I gotta lotta work to do. Startin with you."

Either way, his day in the real world washed away to absolutely gone except for the raw emptiness where it had been. "You're using me. For spiritual development."

"Sorta. 's possible to do the right thing for the wrong reasons in Buddhism. 'cause I mean- why the hell would that not be true?"

Jack turned that one over a few times, and deciding it looked best upside-down after all, pinched Zephyr on the lip before he took his hand back to his mojito glass. "...that's hot. So, how much do you know about tantra?"

"Know I can't visita applicable temple without gettin myself groped inta a coma."

"Oh really?"

"Can stop em yknow. I just don't." Feet shuffling under the table, he added. "An 'm actually Zen."

"Your name is Zephyr and you're a Zen Buddhist by what sounds like hard, cold choice. How does... how does that *work*?"

"Just does."

Jack had always figured he'd found an odd one here, but odd happened. It was just rings plus Zen, which was kind of into nothing, nothing being exclusive of rings... Well. He wouldn't learn if he never asked. So, Jack leaned onto his elbow and drew in the peach juice drying on their table. "Alright then. Teach me, oh sparkly bodhisattva from the future."

Zephyr shook his head. "Can't. Kinda the point." And before Jack could offer much in the way of encouragement or protest, he'd also clapped a hand over his mouth.

Held him there what seemed like kind of a long time before he tugged the plate over. Six of the rabbits had to go stand at the edges, but he left this one big, shiny one in the middle, staring up at Jack with this nick from the pit standing in for a grin.

"Shh. Contemplate the bunneh."

Jack did his damnedest to contemplate the bunny. Bunnies proving surprisingly resistant to such activities. He swore he could hear it making bunny squeak noises at him in protest. Mostly, he could smell it - honey and that sour ping on the back of his tongue. It began to list to the side as its delicious moisture seeped out of it into the plate, since it might be a bunny, but it was also a peach after all.


"The bunny," said Jack, "is an example of human artifice imposing itself on a perfectly good fruit-thing. But, it is cute and pleasing nonetheless."

"An it will never be again." The bunny went on to cease to exist via Zephyr gobbling it right up. "An *an* when the there're all gone, we're gonna go play."

"Play what?"

"We'll find out when we get there."

"You're /serious/ about this."

"Can't be serious bout Zen."

Which was, in retrospect, about the most serious answer possible come laypeople and Zen. Maybe even some monks if Jack understood correctly. And if not, he would learn. He'd asked. "Today's lesson sounds like sunburn."

But, it also sounded pretty nice. Better than the bar, and Jack liked bars enough. Even sunny backwards bars in the middle of nowhere and palm trees.

Zephyr had finished smacking his lips, so Jack picked up another slice of peach bunny and offered it to him. The juice tasted sweet enough, but it still made the graze on his finger hurt. His companion leaned in for a chomp that left him peach skin ears dangling from his mouth. He'd have gotten a pet right there too if he hadn't broken up laughing, flowered hand over his mouth as the other groped around for his drink. That was swimming a layer of melt water above a pool of amber. Undeterred, Zephyr stirred it up. Drank. And stuck his tongue out. "Needs more rum. You too?"

Well, he had about half of the mojito left, but Jack still jangled the glass. "It's good for what ails you, right?"

"Hell yes."

And to that, alone one more little sparkling while. With the bunnies and the rings. Jack sorted the latter into a line, smallest to largest. Two interlocking whirls like seahorse tails to a branch holding a cabochon of aqua glass.

Not very Zen of him, he supposed. Especially after Zephyr came back with a small flacon of rum and some towels. He made sure to mess the rings up before he kind of sort of mopped up the juice, then installed himself on Jack's arm. To lean on his shoulder and sticky him up; leave him the last rabbit in favor of putting his rings back on- one by one and flexing his hands between.

None of those, that catches of light, that movements, the sighs would be that way again either. Kind of got the demon in Jack going again. Of all the questions that rose in his mind, the one about those, the rings, came clearest of all: /Where are you getting them?/. Besides implications. Thief rings for a thief.

Zephyr said nothing, not about that. But, he did kick his way off of the bench once more and wave Jack along just as soon as they'd finished.

Jack considered the rum, considered that he'd asked. It wasn't his way. No, he would put himself in that place where other people asked him things or things of him.

Today though, he grabbed the rum and he followed.

They hadn't been alone in the bar all this time, though passing midday and all it had been fairly quiet, other voices down to glassy whispers, shadows melting together all around them. The atrium beyond towered clean lines and white that washed out azure underneath the slits of sky. Vines tumbled from urns along the wall, and the cushions about the floor were dusted with their pollen. The locals- or what he assumed might be given that there were a lot of them in the same wispy roman clothes -paid no mind to this, and rubbed off golden where they could. He'd heard before out there" "This happens now and then. It's nothing to worry about." And then two of them took their pet visitors into the gazing pond for a splash.

Jack gave everyone involved a bit of a glance over- curiosity and that. Zephyr propped himself on his shoulder for some of it, humming along to Jack's appraisal (the one girl had the cutest heart-shaped bottom) before they headed sunwise again. Towards the vague idea there must be a door, at least more than the atrium for them.

Funny how they just expected. And it would be fine, really if this whole universe was the bar and the pool and cute butts.

It turned out whatever building they were in? It had no door. A short hallway that curved like a snail's shell ended in a heat glisten flash.

They were on a hilltop of caramel warm stone, weathered soft, but carved with winding stairs. The palms troubling the skylights grew in basins, enormous blue pottery ones placed about the curves and the building itself, sharing also flowers and vines, the birds and snakes peering out like jewels. Solicitous some of those. One of the birds sat on Jack's shoulder and peeped in his ear before taking off.

Below them stretched a turquoise mirror of an ocean, its expanse an uncanny, reaching clear in all directions, somehow bluer still than the sky where it wasn't showing watercolor splashes of reefs against the beaches, white for the surf, glistens of green and stone for other islands. Shadows of the clouds swam over, though some didn't quite seem to match. Sea monsters, Jack suspected. Friendly ones at least, given the bird, the nude bathers at the shoreline.

And that settled it. He could get another jacket. The one he did have got hung on a likely-looking branch. He started to joke about how overdressed he was for the ball, but he was no sooner free of his clothes than /somebody/ grabbed his hand and yanked.


Zephyr laughed. Not even his bedroom I got you kind of snigger he'd done at least twice for Jack. But like. He was just happy. "Jack!" he told, well, Jack, but also everybody else nearby. "I haven been to the beach in /years/. An I love it!"

"You love it's been years since you saw a beach?"

"Yknow what I meant. Jack! I love the beach! C'mon. We're missin it!"

"Then why haven't you goooone?" he teased. Just a little, sliding along a drop he possibly should have taken a bit slower.

"I got work. But, yknow, usedta live on the beach an have bonfires an eat sanddabs an go swimmin an chase plovers."

Jack had been to the beach. Quite a few times and quite a few beaches. And yet, he'd never done /any/ of those things. Plenty of willing other beachgoers, but not that, that, or the other thing. He got this weird sensation he'd not had in any beach-related matters before. That maybe, just maybe, he'd managed to miss out.

Besides the second thought for Zephyr. /If you like it so much, why didn't you stay?/

But, not everybody had the luxury of staying anywhere. It was money or a restless heart. Probably the former and not so many did restless like Jack Fucking Hennessy did restless, coasting the surf of others. So now, those people, they got to the beach now out of sheer cosmic luck and they tugged Jack along.

Zephyr wouldn't let him go. Not for any of those considerations. "Was kinda both, actually. But, yeah. We can try. Anya that stuff."

"And to think I just ate watermelon with my sisters."

That beach, that was shifts in reality away. Jack still decided that if Zephyr liked sand and shore so much, he should show him that. He reached past the demon to the sunlit places. Sand and sisters, watermelon and lovelies. Drinks and darlings. Halcyons of summers wasted ever so perfectly.

Jack went on to lose his shoes and his socks. Zephyr's just seemed to have vanished. "So, do most evokers also make their boots evaporate as a side-job, or is it just you?"

"Who left /this/ here? My, that's peculiar," said the path somewhere up above.

Zephyr flashed a grin. "Get real good toein stuff off onceya live on the beach." And slid backwards, catching flowers and glossy leaves through his hair, his footprints winding out waves themselves even before he found the surf edges of it all.

Zephyr must have seen worse than Jack's demon.

Perhaps it meant nothing to him in the same way the beach meant everything. Since there was something different about him now. Even Jack picked up on it, surely as the nacre glisten in the tide pools when he bent to touch them. Zephyr's presence turned misty comforting and near. The space of the waves his footprints left grew wider and wider and there was no surprise, none at all, when he came down to running again. Met the surf with a shout as the ocean rose up in hands of bottle glass to meet him.

Play indeed.

Jack ran after. Which might not have touched so different from what he'd /been doing/, but he meant it this time and that had to count for something. Especially with this particular person all catching shells and bits of flowers from the sand.

"Ya see," he said. He was shouting to do it even though the surf had died down. "'m tryin'. Can't really tell you. But... we're on a beach, Jack!"

All nice words, wispy together and reaching after. He heard them, and he knew them, but they were pieces of a song somewhere else.

Jack took a swig from the flacon of rum, then waggled that over his head. He could chase Zephyr for a while longer, but that didn't mean trying to coax him back went against the plan. Being as there was no plan at all. Said evoker had waded out into wave wet sand and there gone digging about with his toes, places where he'd stood fanning out after as he danced this way and that and...

"Do you really expect me to drink all of this myself?"

"If you wanna."

"I don't. Ocean doesn't count as a person," and Jack addressed the water then: "You can't have any!"

But, the ocean didn't care. It even gave up... something to Zephyr, who came prancing over to Jack, hands held out.

Jack couldn't say exactly what he was looking at. It was a seashell, but it wasn't. It was a flower, but it wasn't. At least, not a land-flower. Definitely marine. Purple and jelly and that granite kind of pearly like ancient snail shells. It wiggled.

Zephyr stood there, holding it out and smiling.

It took him a minute, otherwordly crawling things and all, but Jack finally pronounced, "We already did the flower sermon."

"Yeah, but now we gotta flower," Zephyr answered.

The creature in his hands though proved shortly that it was that and /definitely/ no flower. It squirmed over his hands, peering down the precipice of his fingers to the sand, despite having no eyes that Jack could tell.

"Whoa! Sorry," and next, his companion crouched to the line of foam and pebbles, shooing the creature off into the next rise of the water, besides taking some of that in his hair.

So, he was all sort of rained on nymph looking when he pulled back to Jack.

Who said, "We had flowers all along. You're wearing a bouquet."

"Those're different."


"They're mine? I dunno."

But, different they remained as Zephyr took one little sip from the flacon before hanging it back. Some of the droplets in his hair flowed together, and the silver there ran dark against his cheeks, a moment, another smile, nd him, looking out over the watercolor islands just like that. Mouth all sweet and the waves all fluffy clouds. His flowers.

Probably, Jack shouldn't have asked why. Since it stuck them in this kind of silence that got him a little in the chest, though the way? Kind of wonderful. He watched him there, hardly a touch away. Saw what he saw.

Yeah. So much not mattering there. Jack leaned over and blew on the spray in Zephyr's hair. "You keep saying play, but you're definitely giving me lessons. Your sparkly bodhisattva way is strange and alluring and also my pants are wet, thank you so much."

"Pants're transitory."

"Pants are an illusion!"


That was as far as he got on his next trousers-related niblet of wisdom. The ocean had slid out from under him a few instants before. Presently, it came crashing back, sea glisten rushing over feet with the sand and flower things and odd reflections of the view, moving in kaleidoscopic crash as they cast up and fell. Or at least Zephyr, who'd been somewhat further out in the surf did. Jack caught himself, more or less. It involved clunking Zephyr's head on his hip.

He was just starting to apologize, thoughts of his contrition winding down his fingers, when his companion shook himself out. "OK then! While 'm down here, how bout I blow you?"

"Seriously?" Although, he was past the point of /not/ expecting things to turn sideways /today/.

He had a moment there where he figured himself facing down a joke, the way Zephyr swayed off to laughter and sandy surf feathering off of his jeans.

But then he bumped his forehead against his belly and settled his hands to his hips. Which meant he was kneeling, right there and all wet, at just the right height. "Woul, yeah. But, just so ya know, I dun swallow."

"That's fine," Jack tugged the hem of his shirt out, leaving it to flop on Zephyr's hair until he got the buttons undone. "Though, we'll wash out to sea if you do it here."

And must be all salty for reasons besides his own skin right then. Hell, maybe Zephyr was into that.

A bright "mm!" darted over his stomach and he got a kiss there.

Beach bums. Jack pulled the one who happened to have borrowed him for the time being to his feet and they made a dash for the gardens past the dunes, shoving against the other's shoulders to knocked blooms and clumsy gropes and finally...

One of Zephyr's teary wet kisses. Started a little more gentle than usual, but then his mouth gushed tender against his own, and they stood in the shade a long while. Jack getting nipped open, besides tangling his fingers into his companion's hair. Petting the wet places back so they didn't tickle so much.

"This has all been some elaborate scheme to get into my pants, hasn't it?" he whispered husky and twinged with rum to the lips that had left him.

"Mebbe a lil," came the answer.

They settled into place, Jack on a stone cracked with flowers just behind a frame of leaves and pink gem blossoms. It barely hid them and they still had a view, ocean as far as he could see past the sand.

Zephyr knelt with him legs folded at the base of his stone. He came to Jack again, hands on his hips, creeping in from there to take his belt. Get him unfastened and drawn out; for some time there squeezing and rubbing him over his damp fingers. That before he tipped his head and licked his way along Jack in the darting little laps of someone tasting.

And now that Jack thought of it, this was the first blowjob he'd gotten from Zephyr. He hadn't been sure if the other man was even up for that until right then, but again, he'd had more than his share of enjoyment with their places reversed.

His senses rushed out to tight clarity. He could only just hear Zephyr murmuring against the waves. The rest of him though, the way he closed his eyes as he slipped onto Jack, tightened to hold him there. The tickle of his breath.

He was fairly light to the touch for someone giving head, not lingering much in any particular place or sucking too hard or, as much as he seemed to enjoy Jack using his teeth for this particular diversion, wont to do it himself. He would swirl the bed of his tongue over Jack or he would pull the whole way off to a smack just to press this deep kiss to the tip of Jack's cock.

And he made much the same sounds of pleasure that he did when Jack's mouth came to him this way, the little ones from the start of it, flickering with sighs.

Not that Jack expected other people to deep-throat him. Not everyone could, let alone could with him. But, it was different. Gentle, perhaps. Measured and careful.

And it got him in every nerve in his hips. Not straight to some unbearable need. His flush crept in, settling and spreading and winding more sensitive to the rush of the waves. If he didn't know exactly what movement came next, he couldn't cling to that or put himself in any place where he could anticipate anything, not even his own thrills. But, he felt everything with this languid kind of purity. His fingers scratched into the stone beneath them before Zephyr reached over, grabbed him by the watch and plunked one hand onto the back of his head.

He didn't push him. He didn't more than sink his fingers through the floss and feel that too.

Zephyr really did have soft lips. Not like he gave way easily, but silken as his tongue took liquid against Jack and he sucked him to twitching in his grasp and it was so, so many beats of movement and stillness and movement again that he was sure he was going to come and he was going to /scream/.

That when he did, he felt like he'd fallen right out of himself or perhaps right back in.

Nevermind how it happened, that Zephyr took a pull from him all of a sudden and scraped his thumbnail along the underside of his cock. The funny thing was, the pain didn't register as that, but a shot of warmth against the rest.

He kind of wanted to ask- where'd you learn that trick? -but that would be prying. And besides, Zephyr came up from his sputter in the grass with this huge grin on his face. Just how was he supposed to interrupt that? Only a kiss would do. So, they shared that, and a certain clinging seawater bitterness Jack quite recognized.

He licked his companion's mouth out and kissed him all over his face.


"If you don't like it, I'll get rid of it."

"'m good. Mean it, OK?"

"Definitely OK."

And besides, why tell him "you're good at this and I find the way you got me off downright fascinating" when Zephyr had been plucked up in his head for the main event? Let alone that he held him by the flowers on his biceps for a while, matter of sharing and all that. Zephyr wriggling away on him, rubbing on the afterthoughts or something like that. Anyway, he nudged him back into his pants, zipped him up with a pat.

"So, what do you want? I have to ask. It's my nature," said Jack, nodding /quite/ certainly about it.

"An 's just fine too," Zephyr answered, though he did fade out towards the end of the words.

"Tell me."

"'cause you'll get off on it?"

"No, tell me because you want to."

Zephyr gave a low whistle. "Woul, when you're like me, you're kinda lil bit inta lotsa stuff, cause you get that from other people. What they like. 's obvious mosta the time."



"That is a tough one, then." Jack rubbed his chin, playing at thoughtful. This was some interesting information, true. But it was also light and airy. Icing facts, more or less. Much as they sharpened certain appetites. "You've got so many options. By which I mean..."

"Jack Hennessy at my service?"

He had no reason to whisper, lap full of evoker and all. So, he didn't. He simply said it. "I'll dance for you again. I'll bring you someone cute to share. You could tie me up. I'll do it to you. Anything you want. I owe you." Punctuated with a wink.

And Zephyr's hand in his face to a brush of laughter. "No owin and no tyin up. Usedta... hey."


"Walk me round that sand bank while feelin me up?"

By which he meant the arc of the beach where it had slunk in against the stones, calm and glisten-limned about the shallows, going off his gesture anyway.

"That is not the kink I expected. But, I like it," said Jack, sure though he was that his curiosity had coalesced into a yes.

His companion was off him in a blink, coaxing his jeans down his hips, just a finger's width so that his shorts peeped out. And the first of those vines that lead down to the almost heart where most guys would have had at least some fuzz starting.

Jack had had his hand there before, and he knew the out-of-place smoothness, that certain tension that crept over the leaves there when Zephyr breathed. But, he also stuck his fingers right in Zephyr's belly button as he slunk up behind him. He almost had him around the waist and when he stepped off, they brushed together. Jack minded the footsteps before his, the sand being good enough to mark them, and went on the same way, left and right and wander to his touch.

He said, "If we get in trouble with the locals, I call jail makeouts with you."

"Jail makeouts're awesome."

"Speaking from experience?"


"What was the other guy in for?"

"Bar fight. Imma sucker for the classics."

And beaches and peaches and spur of the moment sex with Jack, or so Jack considered with the particular squeeze of pride he always took when be brought out the enthusiasm of others.

Zephyr was a slim guy, and the vines in his tattoos made him look more so. But, he wasn't insubstantial up fingertip close. That spot beneath his navel had a firmness to it, and his arms, where Jack did touch him, coasting and appreciative, made him try to remember the names of all the fine muscles that flexed at his nearness.

Walking and touching at the same time? Easy enough proposition, but it turned out to be something of a challenge to /do/. They stumbled, but stumbling got them bumping into each other. They kept trying, staggers and drifts and wave-skimming trips aside. It was mostly when Jack got greedy in winding out a long caress that they missed their steps, and that happened rather a lot, he had to say,

They wound up side-by-side. Putting his hand to Zephyr's ass seemed oddly conducive to this. Besides the first good squeeze earned him a snicker, one of more and little water sounds of pleasure as Jack stroked the mouse on his flank, traced out the wrought iron curves of the flowers on his back while they both straggled around in shirt ends. Jack gave up on tugging Zephyr's around in time and pinched his nipples through the material. It made him pitch back into him and they just stood for the longest time, Jack with one hand cupping him there and the other settled on his fly.

It was kind of silly to start off, and it was to that point, Jack's thoughts settling on how he'd nudge down that zipper. He hadn't expected this would turn him on again so soon after.

But, a sigh then and Zephyr brushing against his wrist- first to lead him back, then to click the snap of his jeans and finally to skim along with Jack's fingers into his shorts, just enough to lead him. Jack could surely do the rest. Zephyr, all of him, was just asking to be played with.

Or Jack thought so. Right then, rubbing the start of his own erection against those boney hips.

Nevermind the low laugh and Zephyr's eyes half-lidded as they turned through the sea spray for a mutually stolen kiss.

"Right now. Whatever you want, baby." Offered with a few suggestions on Jack's part- of a touch here, an embrace there, a tumble or a suck.

So when he caught the rise in the pulse beside his own, that was really quite satisfying. "Justa lil further. 'm enjoyin myself."

Which he could tell, there as he got himself out of Zephyr's jeans. To a squeeze, of course. And his companion not exactly bothering to do up his snap, so as they walked, as they fondled and that wasn't exactly one-sided anymore, they were both hitching at his pants. Invasive sort of grabs besides playing at Jack's too. Their feet all soaked and sand-scratched by the time any other voice intruded.

"Silly boys! You're almost there."

But, when Jack made at least a good faith effort to ask almost /where/, something stopped him. That, besides the smile that went with that sound, the gloriously nude woman lounging on a blanket with two of her equally nude and glorious friends.

Zephyr had turned to him. Looked him straight in the face and held him *tight* by his wrists. "I know," he said a little too late. "You'd have problems waitin for this, wouldn't ya?"

The woman and her friends agreed. Said something about up the hill. Jack missed a lot of it, caught in another kiss as he was; the kind where Zephyr nudged playful against his waist.

After that, they walked someone else's steps. Quite a few someones. The beach had worn down to a stone slide this one way up a small hill where bloomed this resinous skin scent which Jack didn't even start to mistake for an exotic flower, though it did hold that note, at least here. That and the salt water clarity of the whole island.

In the place where the palms and otherworld bromeliads thinned to pebbled ground were what Jack took at first to be private spas draped over in diaphanous white curtains, closer though and glancing the pastel shadows that hovered in the confines of one- they were even better than pools. Low platforms holding mattresses covered in something slippery soft and blue, appointed with carafes of flower petal water and all matter of enticing little jars.

An attendant in a pala that covered only one of her breasts caught sight of them and left spraying off one bed to draw open the curtains to another and wave them though.

"So," Jack asked her and her knowing smile. "Is there a fee for using the facilities?"

"As was blessed in Her Pleasure, the napping veranda is open to all visitors, intentional and otherwise."

Which he didn't know who She was to be blessing anything, but Jack did have some whim to thank Her in person. Well, the attendant would be Her emissary. He thanked her instead.

"If sirs would require aught else, I shall be of assistance. Call for me. I am Kiara," She left them to that humming sweetly as she went back to her work against the rise of someone else's sweet moan.

And Jack lost sight of a lot of things there, tangled in the breeze moment of it all, Zephyr yanked against him for a kiss, a flutter and a splash played out between them.

"You planned this, didn't you?"

"Planned nothin." His companion snickered. "Did however run into somebody in the lobby thinkin she'd come here later."

"You /pretended/ to be excited about the beach."

"Beach's legit impressive in person."

"And you still had to stop on the way down..."

"Stuff came up."

Stuff and all, they held that a moment. There before they both laughed.

They fell to each other.

And the bed took them besides.

Jack Hennessy might have been used to getting what he wanted out of his own universe, but he was still, in this other, in the tranquil beach air of elsewhere, some kind of enchanted in being welcomed to this bed, just as he was.

At least, if welcome came as Zephyr skittering his fingers over his sides, so that he went down on the mattress, that not actually bad at all for something placed outside in the interests of recreation, though he did find Zephyr much more comfortable, sharp hips and all. Besides the satisfaction of having that body he'd felt out come to rest with his, lips to lips, heartbeat to heartbeat, cock to cock. Zephyr atop him in flowers and bones and those silvered fingers winding into his own to hold him there.

He might have been a messy kisser, but Jack drank in every bite, every lick between getting rubbed into the cushions. Zephyr's teeth tried his shoulder, the same place he's struck up Jack's nerves before. He seemed to like that spot. So, Jack liked the way he kissed, the lanky slide of his body.

And of course, how eager he came off. But, who didn't like that?

If it was that thought had his companion tumbling off to laughter, Jack's curiosity over how things matched up was short-lived. Zephyr had already lost one ring on his right hand, the same fingers he stroked onto Jack's cock, to hold him as he brushed himself there and they lay wet tips just touched, shook out in each other's gasps and a pearl film of wetness drawn out between.

"I like it when people want me," said Zephyr. "An when they're OK with it. Also, this." To which he squeezed his forefinger against the slit at Jack's tip.

It made his toes curl. Made him touch back nudging around with Zephyr's satiny foreskin. And just thinking.

He was so ready. Dripping by the time Zephyr let him go. And for that, he put those fingers, rings, salty and slick with himself, to his mouth.

Thinking as he did- it was almost as if the whole afternoon had been part of what they'd washed into here, glints of foreplay even to the drinks and the space of not knowing before.

Zephyr shook his head. "You."

"Not to say I'm discounting..."

"Mmm. S'ok. You wan whatcha wan. An I wan you too. Like. Real bad."

"I never would have guessed." Besides the absent cloud-drag in his thoughts that the drawl turned the words much too charming for their own good.

They tangled over each other, feeling around for the vials only to find more places to dip into each other. Zephyr tugged him back for a kiss at his temple that might have wound into more. Jack had to squirm out from under him and yank on his belt- he was still halfway wearing his clothes, though Jack's were strewn about, confused to the curtains and holding open enough of a window that someone could have peered in at them, inclination given.

Jack didn't mind that at all.

Accident had him on his hands and knees to grab the lotion. He meant to hand it off, but a palm settled on the small of his back, his legs warming with someone else's nearness. The mattress pinged, half the rings rolling off between the wells their bodies made, all curving in to Jack's knees.

"You good like this mebbe?" Came the careless trill around the question. So, he definitely could have refused.

It wasn't exactly his favorite position.

But in that moment, the silver rolled around them and the sea bright afternoon besides, Jack clenched at the thought- his cock and his hips and that tender spot somewhere just under the asking fingers.

There was a murmur of assent before Zephyr slunk over his back, reaching to take the bottle from him. He drew his ankles together before he settled against him, legs pressed to Jack's, holding him there, firm and glinting in the movement of the curtains.

The view he had to have: Jack's underside bared to him and his cock, all flushed and waiting. If he didn't need to see it to know, he still must have appreciated his position. That smirk. The tongue in the corner of his mouth as he stroked himself slick. That, before he ever laid his hand to Jack.

And then it was first- this glancing caress down the back of his balls and making him draw tight. Since it was good, but it was also a tease to someone flinching towards impatient. Next stroke, he did spread him, stroking wet-fingered over him, thumb to his taint., soft back and forth some while before he ever sank into him, that in one smooth shot that got Jack twinging up to his chest. Though, there was no need to fight for more. Jack wanted this, he wanted it bad, and Zephyr fingered him just the way he liked. No hesitation to the act, but stroking over his tender spots while he made sure he was slick enough to hold him.

Jack was going to do that and he thought against Zephyr- come to me.

The first brush of his blunt tip to Jack's ass, that had them both casting about, trying to brace themselves. But then, blunt or not, he sank in so easy, ending on one of his hot little sighs where Jack was biting back a cry.

He really hadn't held back. Not a thing. Zephyr was in him to the hilt, the ache unbearable and perfect even as they both swayed through the first thrust.

Where they were together and the demon shut up, just let this be /good/.

Jack pushed against him- it was instinct, much as the moans sharp. He was so close and so full, skidding inside and hanging onto the rings as if they'd keep his wrists set beneath him as they met, against and one of Zephyr's "Oh, shit. Jack..."s trailing off.

The answer being anything but needful, he still gave it, "Yeah, baby? You like that?"

You like being in me? Implied somewhere in that thread of himself his companion could reach after. And perhaps Zephyr did, there in the slow way he came to him, pushing deep. There as he did take him that he could feel it, inside and out.

His silvery hands, one still set with the some of the smaller rings settling to his hips to pull him close. Not even really to hold himself there, set with Jack as he was in the slickness tight between them, but stroking, wandering. Appreciative and marked with purrs rather than any bruises. As if Jack would have minded those. He was just where he wanted to be.

He'd made someone smile. Just giving up that little piece of himself. That's what bodies were for. At least his and if he felt, if he was free to be pinned up under someone who wanted him that bad he had to hang on.

"I know I don't need to..." he found himself gasping. "...say it. But, come to me. Let me see what you..."

Zephyr laughed, his hands slipping closer one another. Coming to rest on Jack's thighs to "Fuck, I wanna, I wanna. I wanna..." Rising up with the trusts and then squeezing him down as their bodies slipped further. Just that little while between each point where he would ride him down, put out both of their breaths.

And that too. That wasn't pinned. That was Jack arching his back so the rings and traces of lube slipped over him. Held on. Clasping at surface tension and still somehow, there he was in the middle of it all.

Zephyr bent to him. It got his tip a little easier to that best spot aching away inside of Jack. More than that though. There was a kiss. Although it did fall sort of awkward to his back. There before the glassy warmth of the rest of him.

Zephyr stretched, caught in a moan for taking him otherwise. His hair tickled his shoulders and the end of his nose traced over him. As he draped himself over his skin, wires lost in Jack's sweat and the sand they both wore. Rubbed and held and pulled him in, the two of them together.

He couldn't get himself out like this, not the whole way. He could move and purr and squeeze Jack's cock through his fingers.

When his eyes ran, like they did sometimes, the black chased over Jack, making him shiver. Right there in the middle of a tropical beach fuck with a guy who wouldn't pull away long enough to stop cuddling him. He shivered.

And he didn't know how much more he could, his insides all to heat shimmer. If he sounded like he was begging then. "Come for me. Let me hear you do it. I already feel it, baby. I feel everything."

"I..." but, Zephyr's voice went out and then he was gasping.

If a guy was going to lie across your back after all... "I know you want it. You always ask."

"That's cause..."

"Fuck me, Zeph. Fill me up. Make me..."


Together, they plunged past words. Zephyr's fingers closed on his tip, squeezing him there to the rest of the lube leaking out between them there. His weight inside seemed to go heavy at that. And he was panting, right next to Jack's ear.

Jack bucked under him and Jack thought he might dissolve if he had to listen, had to hold there another moment. His sweet spot thrummed hard just right before so he did it hot and spilled and shaking. If Zephyr hadn't had his arms around his waist, he'd have collapsed on the mattress. As it was, though he felt some tightness building in his back from the angle, once he was clear, once it was over, not even his own fingers seemed to want to listen to him.

"I need..." came the voice.

And he answered. "Come for me, Zeph."

Besides, it still felt good. Those strokes on the inside post-orgasm swing, as his softened so slowly, still wrapped up in those silvered hands. Like this though...

God. He felt it. That last tension pluck inside him before Zephyr called his name, surged and went runny.

They still didn't go down.

They stayed. Locked up that way, Jack nestled into his lap.

And they watched the curtains stray further and further apart before their grips gave out and they did fall, right into the tangle of each other, spill of rings, tracery of sand and flower petals.

Zephyr groped around for his clothes, presumably a likely sleeve.

But, Jack had to figure his was a little less salty. So, he handed him his shirt and let him get it all sooty. Zephyr had one hell of a case of raccoon eyes to go with his pink cheeks. "Man..." was all he said about any of that, holding up the shirt he'd wrecked.

And tossing it. No thanks to be had.

Though, he did roll over and tuck his chin against Jack's shoulder. Which he bit before he settled in.

They made some half-hearted effort, passing around the bottle of stuff that felt soapy, but there was no way out of their present state short of a shower or a naked swim.

A swim sounded amazing.

Conceptually, at least. Jack's was a fluid disinclination to move. He seemed already to be swimming in it, or at least suspected quiet in the cool of his afterglow while the shadows wound out and Zephyr's legs gleamed against the slit of light from the open curtain.

"Later," said his companion.

"Yeah," he agreed. "Definitely later." If there was a later. He hoped there would be. Just... just a little bit more.

"Beach's more fun with more people."

"And you could literally have anyone you wanted from pretty much any world there is," to which Jack gestured out the islands, but somehow in the calm of it all, his reach didn't seem to do much beyond the confines of the drapes. "So, you go hang out with the pissed off guy you already screwed."

"Uh-huh," an agreement offered with chin digging into him, elbows where they didn't belong. "I picked Jack Hennessey to play with cause he's hot when he's pissed."

"Is that so?" Besides some glance on his part, that he'd heard that and he knew.

And that was all fine. If they didn't get to go for a swim, they'd come this far.

Tomorrow was another day. Home in his world. Zephyr in his.

At least.

Tomorrow was better than leaving it at not in the mood forever and ever.

Funny. He'd almost forgotten. That part. It felt dreamy far away now. Impermanent.

Other ultimately gone things. Say, that smacked of lesson.

Oh, how Jack wondered. But mostly, he pecked Zephyr on the brow in an effort to dissuade him from his shoulder.

He did move. Took up the space beside him instead, all sleepy soot eyes and insect wings a-gleam. "You can be Zen an make stuff, even if that's kinda hurt too." And that- he laid the tiny seahorse tail ring on Jack's chest. Drawing it around in circles there.

"Never thought otherwise. It's just different, the way you put things."



"So, you know where these came from?" There was that chin again.

/I'm just going to have to kiss you harder to keep you off? I see./ Jack did. Very hard indeed. "Where?"

"I made 'em." Spoken almost to a smirk. Offering not to care. Though.

Jack felt that too- Zephyr did care. He reached what of the silver he could out from around them and let it fall against them. Of course, that would be the rings on Zephyr's hands which he looked over in tacit, but very tactile approval.

In the end, he stretched, and he petted the person who wore them instead. He felt just sun warmed. Just pliant. Just nice.

And who offered then something he'd figured he wouldn't be hearing from those soft lips. There, for what little he knew him. "You feel better now?"

"Yeah," said Jack, struck too by how small the instant of his hesitation. "I do."

Background on the unique phenomenon of Jack and Zephyr crossover boyporn appears here and here. Both also NSFW.
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I'm sorry for taking so long about this but omg, OMG, this is just so fucking amazing! I just. The boys having their Buddhism discussion and being so cute and soft about it, and then just going outside and having sex and ugh, that last line just gets me right in the feels, ALL the feels, right in my heart. Lovely job.
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