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Argent #30, Heart Gold #14

Name: [personal profile] kay_brooke
Story: Unusual Florida
Colors: Argent #30 (Humanism), Heart Gold #14 (Love consists in desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own. - Emanuel Swedenborg)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Short Films)
Word Count: 374
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; no standard warnings apply.
Summary: Charles finds something in Allison's childhood bedroom
Note: Constructive criticism is welcome, either through comments or PM.

“What is this?” asked Charles.

Allison stiffened as she turned and realized Charles was holding Mr. Fuzzles, the big pink bear she had nearly loved to death as a kid. And maybe as a teenager, too. But Charles didn’t need to know that.

“Oh, that thing,” she said nonchalantly, turning her back as if it meant nothing to her, though really it was because the way Charles was holding it--by one fuzzy pink foot, the rest of the toy dangling indignantly in midair--made her feel kind of sad. Which was ridiculous, and also she was twenty and she should have stopped having feelings about stuffed animals a long time ago. “Just something I played with as a kid. I thought my mom got rid of it years ago.” She sent a mental apology to Mr. Fuzzles for this unprecedented act of betrayal.

“It was just sitting out on your bed,” said Charles, in that way he had when he knew she was lying.

Allison shrugged. “Probably my mom thought it was cute or something.”

A few seconds of silence from Charles, and then he said, “It’s okay to still like stuffed animals.”

“I know that!” Allison whirled toward him, shoving her hair out of her eyes. She didn’t exactly regret bringing Charles home to meet her family, but she wasn’t sure why she had thought it was a good idea to show him her childhood bedroom. She hadn’t figured there would be anything embarrassing to see, but Mr. Fuzzles was such a fixture that she hadn’t even considered him. “But I don’t still sleep with toys.”

It had taken a lot of willpower, that autumn she left for her first year of college, not to take him with her. It had gotten easier since then, but Mr. Fuzzles would never go into a box.

Charles looked at her, then put the bear back on the bed. He didn’t drop it or throw it; he placed it carefully, leaning it back against the pillow as it had been when he found it.

Before that moment Allison had been pretty sure she loved him, but right then, she knew it.

She had to turn away again, before he saw the tears in her eyes.
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Oh, Charles. What a good boyfriend you are.
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Aww, Allison, so silly to be embarrassed by anything in front of Charles :D He is so sweet.