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Moonlight #5, Provence Lavender #10

Name: shadowsong26
Story: Breath of Autumn
'Verse: Feredar
Colors: Moonlight #5. Drift, Provence Lavender #10. Vineyard
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Red Carpet Day 5), photography, eraser (urban fantasy au), oils, glue ("There is a haunting familiarity to the landscape, whether or not you are eager to start the next chapter of your story. You can't tell if you have been here before or if it is only a place that you visited in your dreams. Pay careful attention to all the details, for signs appear everywhere pointing to your future. Mary Oliver wrote, "Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."")
Word Count: 185
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Isshiri, Telri
Warnings: Implications of kidnapping/imprisoning someone; weirdness with time/perception, due to being taken Underhill; implied dubcon due to fairy glamour/somewhat unsettling fae/human romantic dynamic. Fairies are kind of creepy when they fall in love with humans. If I missed anything I should have warned for, please let me know.
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

Faerie is a strange place. Isshiri knows time has passed--he's pretty sure he's been here with Telri for months now--but it feels timeless.

Except when it doesn't.

Today, there is a breath of autumn in the air; cool and crisp, smelling of woodsmoke and apples. Like the night they met--Halloween, in the human world, when she showed him how to dance.

And there's Telri, his Telri, his beautiful Telri, with eyes like thunderclouds and a soft, gentle smile; wreathed in golden leaves and afternoon sunlight.

She takes his hand, pulls it to rest against her stomach, and his breath catches in his throat.

He can feel something--someone--shift beneath his touch.

He and the woman he loves are going to have a child.

There's a breath of autumn in the air today. So the baby, if that part works the same, will probably come in late spring.

He smiles, and kisses her, holding her close; she warms against him, humming something soft and sweet and eerie all at once.

Yes, Faerie feels timeless.

Except when it doesn't.

And today--it doesn't.
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Awwwwww. This is actually weirdly not unsettling at all? Like it really should be, but he's just so happy.