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Paprika 13, Kingfisher Blue 12, Moonlight 9

Name: shadowsong26
Story: light
'Verse: Lux
Colors: Paprika #13. You ain't fooling nobody but yourself., Kingfisher Blue #12. 不做虧心事, 半夜不怕鬼敲門: he who never wrongs others is not afraid of ghosts knocking in the night (a quiet conscience sleeps in thunder), Moonlight #9. Ember
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Red Carpet, Day 4; shoujo-ai), pointillism, photography, miniature collection, charcoal (at this point in the story), glitter, glue ("Emotionally connecting with your friends enables you to stay in touch with your own feelings, too. But don't expect any lingering confusion about your relationships to disappear overnight. In fact, your uncertainty about the future may actually deepen now. ")
Word Count: 382
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Lux, Mariko
Warnings: References to the fire, angelic POV
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

lux is drawn to mariko right from the start, like a moth to a flame, and it irritates her because this girl, this human girl, is no different really than any of the others on the station; she is a distraction, likely put in place by one of lux's siblings; the light in her smile is simply an illusion lux simply must learn to ignore.

humans, lux learns, retain their ancient habit of adorning themselves at the slightest excuse, and even for a low-level aide like mariko, there are many of those on a diplomatic installation like the csp station; on one such evening, lux sees mariko with tiny paste gems like stars in her hair, and her breath catches as her pulse ticks up a notch, racing towards the light shining from this human girl.

but it isn't until lux begins to spend hours on end in quiet contemplation with her--with the human--that she begins to see that mariko is wreathed in light; that there are galaxies in her hands and heart; that she is lit with warmth and kindness and passion that no mere smile or gown could possibly hope to match.

she hasn't forgotten, of course, that mariko is a distraction, a trap; the knowledge is seared into the back of her mind--but, somewhere along the line, it ceases to worry her, as the warm glow of mariko's presence seeps into her bones, as her tenderness begins to heal her wounded wings.

eventually, of course, fate--or the holy one--intervenes; lux cannot help what she is, and lux must act; and so mariko burns before her and lux weeps to see some part of the light in her eyes fade away.

once, she was called 'lightbringer'--but as lux leaves the station and her human beloved behind, the bitter truth bursts sears itself into her heart and bones: that she has burnt out, that she has lost, the light her universe needed most.

lux sees it clearly now--lightbringer's light, found in the smile of a pretty human girl, binding her heart fast and forever, to whom she brought nothing but ruin; and lux does not regret--angels do not regret--but for the first time in eons, she weeps for what she has destroyed.
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I like how weirdly alien this feels, while still being entirely relatable.