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Grey #1, Silver Screen #5

Name: [personal profile] kay_brooke
Story: Unusual Florida
Colors: Grey #1 (shades of grey), Silver Screen #5 (All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.)
Styles/Supplies: Eraser, Frame, Graffiti (Red Carpet #2)
Word Count: 505
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; no standard warnings apply.
Summary: Marsha's coats.
Note: Constructive criticism is welcome, either through comments or PM.

"Grab my coat."

James only grumbled a little bit before sliding the door of the coat closet open. He paused. "What is this?"

From the bathroom Marsha said, "What?"

"This!" James indicated the inside of the closet.

"What are you talking about?" Marsha, lipstick still only half on, stomped across the room toward him, her exasperation like ice picks in his head. He winced and looked away from her. "What's the problem?"

"You asked me to get your coat," said James. "But which one?"

She gave him a withering look and turned to go back toward the bathroom. She thought he was joking, and she was not amused.

"I'm not being funny!" he insisted. "Why do you have like twenty coats?" A whole row of coats had greeted him when he'd opened the closet, and not a single one of them was his. Though he had been sleeping over a fair bit lately, they weren't yet at the stage where Marsha was letting him leave his stuff at her place, and he hadn't worn a coat today at all. He wasn't sure why Marsha even wanted a coat. It was the middle of June, and though the day had started out rainy and unseasonably chilly, now the afternoon sun was blazing and the roads were dry.

"The blue one," Marsha said curtly. "With the rain hood."

There were two blue ones, but only one with a hood, so James grabbed it. "It's not raining anymore."

She came out of the bathroom, makeup complete. "But it was earlier and it might again. This isn't getting wet." She patted the side of her hair.

“Why do you need so many coats?” he asked as she slipped it on. “I have, like, two.” A hoodie from college, old enough now that the zipper was broken and the pockets had fallen apart, but it was comfortable. And a nice gray peacoat Amy had gotten him for Christmas one year, which mostly hung untouched in his closet. He spent his winters in the desert; what did he need a heavy coat for?

Marsha sighed heavily. “Because normal people own different coats for different weather, James.” She brushed past him and started pointing to the lineup in the still open closet. “Early spring, late spring, autumn, heavy rain, warm rain, freezing rain, snow, above fifty degrees, above twenty degrees, anything in single digits.” This last was a heavy wool coat covered with colored patches that she fingered longingly before stepping back to shut the closet door. “Haven’t worn that one in a while. Damn climate change.” She looked over at James.

“That is ridiculous,” he said. “And inefficient. Why do you need a separate coat for spring and autumn?”

“Spring colors in autumn?” she said with a scoff. “Now who’s being ridiculous?”

James spread his arms wide. All he was wearing was jeans and a black t-shirt. “This works fine for me.”

“You do you, I’ll do me,” Marsha told him. “Now quit whining. We’re going to be late.”

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