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Angel Cake #10, Olympic Gold #8, Aurora #20

Name: Greenling
Story: Asking for Roses
Colors: Angel Cake #10 (Protector), Olympic Gold #8 (winter), Aurora #20 (Gloaming)
Supplies and Styles: Graffiti (Lilith Fair Village Stage), Novelty Beads ("It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us." - Norman Maclean)
Word Count: 621
Rating: G
Warnings: Not really.
Summary: Very, very slowly attempting to reboot AfR. Have Jaymie and Wendy and a little scary. Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated. (Last Angel Cake, whoo.)

Rain battered the windows, dashed against the trees, and scraped icy drafts throughout the house. There was no money to turn the heat up and no space heaters to unpack. She sat curled up on the couch wrapped an old afghan, knitting; the TV sat mumbling in a corner, stacked on top boxes. Her mind stayed on the chill that seeped into her bones. She could feel the dark in it. It would be warmer if she turned on the lamp, the sun was fading even besides the clouds, but she could see just fine. If she could just finish something, she thought- a sweater, a dress, a- her eyes squeezed shut. Lemon colors, draped like petals. Herself in it. No.

The dark had scraped her clean of all illusions, including the ones that might let her face the problems it had dug up.

Thunder rolled and flickered the lights and the TV. The sharp peppermint smell of fear drifted down from the stairway.

"Wendy?" she called up the stairs. A head peeked down, and then the rest of her daughter, padding halfway down the stairs with a book stuck in the crook of her elbow. Wendy looked small in her oversized blue pullover, and two pairs of socks on over warm winter tights. The smell faded quickly.

"Do you think we could have dinner soon? In case this gets worse?" Wendy squinted. "Do you... want a light on?"

She sat her knitting down on the coffee table. "Sorry, I didn't realize how late it was getting-" She winced as Wendy flicked the overhead light on, causing a sympathetic wince to run through the girl as well.

"Sorry, uhm..."

Jaymie waved her hand as she stood up. "Don't worry about it," she said in a voice lighter than she felt. "Guess I was lost in thought." She hadn't realized how deep the shadows had gotten, either. She tugged down the edge of her shirt and moved towards the kitchen, immediately regretting the absence of afghan. It was even colder in there, between the linoleum and the big bay window facing the yard. The leaves of the bushes out front flashed with movement in the short reach of the pale yellow light. After a short review of their options they settled on something. Wendy started on the noodles and Jaymie on the meat, and together they worked in relative silence.

The flame guttered on the stove a moment before lightning lit up the room. Thunder crashed like an explosion, putting the lights out again and forcing a scream out of Wendy. Jaymie's head swerved, quick enough to see something hit the window hard and scrabble away. A dozen seconds later, the electricity came back on.

Wendy was hiding under the table, hands over her head. Her face was pale, and her eyes were stuck on the window. Ice crept through Jaymie; she squeezed the counter and crept over to a corner to grab the broom. It wasn't anything, but it made her feel better.

"What was that?" Wendy's voice was nearly a whisper.

"A bird. Probably." Her voice was strained, but more confident than she felt. "I'll... go look."

Wendy crawled out from under the table and found a more dignified seat in a chair. She was afraid, but clearly not sure if she should be, with all the courage of a preteen assuring herself she wasn't a little girl anymore. "Do you have to go out there? I mean, if it's a bird, it might get into the house."

"Don't worry about it. Just keep an eye on the food, okay?" Jaymie gave her most dazzling smile. It seemed to help.

Gripping the broom in hand, she moved towards the door.

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