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Angel Cake #4, Sherry #4, Rose #22

Name: Greenling
Story: Other
Colors: Angel Cake #4 (Holy), Sherry #4 (Perhaps the kingdom of Heaven 's changed!), Rose #22 (Be a rose which gives fragrance even to those who crush it.)
Supplies and Styles: Canvas, Eraser, Graffiti (Opening Ceremonies), Graffiti (May Challenge), Novelty Beads (Image), Mosaic (Magical Girl game)
Other prompts: Birthday Prompt (Image)
Word Count: 270
Rating: G
Warnings: Internalized homophobia.
Summary: A tiny snippit of backstory from an AU version of a certain magical boy of mine. Last Sherry, whoo! Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated.

She had soft blonde hair in bouncy waves and warm brown skin; her smile shone like the sun. The Kingdom's towers shone in the distance. Polaris watched the world go by with her head in the other woman's lap.

A hand came down and she kissed it, and squeezed it in hers, and held it close to her face. Her long blue nails sparkled in the light.


Alexander woke up with a start. Sister Eileen, the math teacher, stood over him looking irritable. He blushed horribly.

"Were you asleep, Mr. Roberts?" Her voice could chill volcanoes.

His eyes flicked to the board, and he answered immediately. "No, ma'am. I was just trying to really internalize how derivatives work."

Muffled chuckling from the rest of the class. "I see. Would you like to solve the problems on the board, then?"

He swallowed and stood up, doing his best to radiate confidence.


The dreams were so weird. Most of them weren't that kind of thing, but the ones that were consumed his thoughts. He only thought of girls like that during those dreams, when he dreamt of himself as one. Was that some kind of double perverted? He didn't know.

After classes that afternoon he found himself at the chapel, watching the light come in through the stained glass. He imagined it surrounding him, warm and loving. He loved the place, with its old wood varnish smell and the big, overwrought icons. Sometimes that made him feel guilty. Mostly it made him... determined. To... something.

Eventually, he pulled away. He had chores and homework to do, and choir practice in the evening.
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Awww, poor kiddo. Not perverted at all. I will hug this child persistently.

Nicely done!
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Aw, poor confused kid. I hope he figures out his something.
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OH sweet child. *hugs* I love the little description of the chapel in this, by the way. It kind of made me smile.