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Angel Cake #11, Aurora #8, Bowie Side A #1

Name: Greenling
Story: Shatterverse- various
Colors: Angel Cake #11 (Heavenly), Aurora #8 (Sext), Bowie Side A #1 (No confessions / No religion / Don't believe in modern love → Modern Love (Let's Dance))
Supplies and Styles: None
Word Count: 421
Rating: PG-ish
Warnings: None.
Summary: Three random shippy snippets. Dmitry/Peace, Kevin+Jackie, and apparently Alex/Lance.
Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated.


Water ran down Peace's back, glittering in the sun. His hair stuck to his grinning face like a wet dog's fur. The rest of him was... full, arm muscles rippling as he pulled himself up out of the pool, abs rolling as he flopped down on a towel next to Dmitry's pool chair and stretched, thin trunks clinging to the shape of his ass.

"Sure you're not getting in?" He turned his grin to Dmitry, cross-legged and hunched over a book, and thankful Peace couldn't see where his eyes were behind his sunglasses. "You're getting a heck of a tan."

Dmitry snorted. "This isn't a tan, this is not being stuck in a library writing essays fourteen hours a day."

"Huh." He noticed Peace's eyes running over his chest; his stomach tightened, fire ran through his limbs.

He was not planning on standing up anytime soon.


The transition between sitting next to Kevin and sitting with her head on his shoulder was gradual, possibly unconscious. A lot of things were unconscious; he changed the channel when she started getting bored, she sat up when he wanted to get up to go get a drink. Outside of the TV and the high whirring of the ceiling fan things were quiet. They sat like that on his couch until the sun started to set and the room got dark.

They were watching a show she liked when his head slipped down and his nose nudged into the fluff of her hair. It wasn't quite a kiss; in another place she felt the weight of snake-coil around her shoulders and a head lazing between her ears. Jackie decided not to move away.


Alex lay back on the bed, holding his phone up away from his face and squinting at it.

u need company? :)

He resented text messaging. It was so much harder to get meaning without at least tone of voice, timing... he had no idea if he was being flirted with or not. Lance was nice, considerate of feelings almost to the point of overly-so. He was also gorgeous, intelligent, just enough of a nerd to be interesting, and very much into other men.

Alex decided to err on the side of adventurous.

not what i was expecting, but if you're looking for a sleepover, i have netflix and cheese popcorn.

Response came within a minute.

cheesy popcorn, nice, u like cheesy romance movies

Alex smirked, considering if he had time to take a shower. i could stand a romance right now.

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This is SO SWEET. Ugh, my ships. Also, I laughed at Dmitry's predicament which probably makes me a bad person but whatever.
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Hee! Love how adorable these all are.