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Sherry #17, Rose #3

Name: Greenling
Story: Shatterverse-esque
Colors: Sherry #17 (I thought you'd choose a Velvet Cheek), Rose #3 (A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.)
Supplies and Styles: Canvas
Word Count: 277
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: I am alive, have backstory for the Florida unseelie.
Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated.

The house was beautiful. Jessica took her there one day, picking her up from Latoya's apartment while Latoya was at work. It was huge, with two floors, a bed and half-bath in the attic, an insulated basement, and a decent patch of land around it.

It had nearly been condemned, in part for good reason and in part for invented ones. The whole place reeked of cigarettes and the electric wiring desperately needed replaced, but the mold wasn't real and it definitely wasn't haunted. With a few months of work, they could alchemy out the tobacco, replace the wallpaper and carpets, and ward the whole place. Latoya knew a good electrician, which would cost money, but they could pay for that over time.

It was theirs.

Shay spent half an hour running around in the yard sneaking up on birds and getting to know the trees while Jessica sat on the back porch doing whatever homework meant in college. She ran herself ragged and collapsed spread-eagle into the springy, prickly grass.

Eventually, Jessica came over and kneeled down beside her, arranging her skirt away from the ground. Shay smiled up at her and reached out a hand, which Jessica took, weaving their fingers together and holding the bundle in her lap.

"We're gonna be a coven. You excited?" In response, Shay screamed in glee; to her grace, Jessica only winced a little, and never stopped smiling. "Yeah, so am I. You figured out what bedroom you want?"

"Can I have the attic?"

"Your choice. You can have whatever you want."

Shay shut her eyes and dreamed looking out from the big round window. "I want the attic."

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Oh, what a lovely beginning!
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Aw, they're so happy!