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Goddamnit Green #14, Rose #28

Name: Greenling
Story: Shatterverse
Colors: Goddamnit Green #14 (Image), Rose #28 (If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I'd be picking roses for a lifetime.)
Supplies and Styles: Novelty Beads (angelic), Photography, Seed Beads, Graffiti (Snowed In Prompt), Canvas
Word Count: 195
Rating: G
Warnings: Nope.
Summary: Jessica is another member of the coven Kevin's not-girlfriend is from. This is the story of her first crush.
Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated.

Senior year trip, Christmas break. It was a cabin way up in the Sierra Nevada mountains with feet of snow outside, and something like fifteen of them were there, plus two chaperones.

Natasha was there. Jessica had begged her parents, done her homework, aced tests, held her tongue like it was fastened to her jaw with iron strips, though she hated the snow and skiing sounded like an expensive way to break both your legs. Natasha was soft and quiet, with long hair in braids and big eyes and a sly smile, and bright makeup that made her look like some kind of mystic queen or ancient goddess. She sat away from the others that night, doing up her eyelids like a night sky filled with stars. It wasn't her makeup Jessica obsessed over anymore.

Mostly, it was her smile.

Jessica's heart raced as Natasha seemed to catch her staring, sitting over by the fire and ignoring the conversation around her. The other girl looked curious... then gave her that smile and tilted her head in invitation. The world stopped.

Somehow, she stood and walked over and was still alive by the end of it.
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This is adorable! I want to pet Jessica and the makeup sounds so pretty
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Oh, lovely, and an excellent portrayal of Oh No She's Hot.
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This is so cute! I totally get Jessica's crush.
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The snow is not that dangerous compared to the adorable heart-thudding, I see! XD
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awwww, crushes are so cute.