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Blue Opal #4, Sherry #11, Rose #21

Name: Greenling
Story: All Great Things/Summer Blockbuster '15
Colors: Blue Opal #4 (Even keel), Sherry #11 ('Tis little I—could care for Pearls— / Who own the ample sea— ), Rose #21 (The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.)
Supplies and Styles: Eraser, Mosaic (Summer Blockbuster), Graffiti (Summer Blockbuster)
Novelty Beads (Image) (Velma you stop that), Sculpture, Stain (Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a fish a man, and he'll eat for weeks! - Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005)
Word Count: 1,497 (about half of it new)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing specific given the rating.
Summary: ...This is mostly the bits in between the two Summer Blockbuster bits I already posted. I'll have to get back to this story next Blockbuster, I guess.

Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated.

Dmitry tried to ignore the deep ache settling in his bones as he stretched out on Rowan's couch. Now that the shatter was more or less closed, all the weight of swinging around a sword and getting knocked around by monsters was hitting him hard. There was a bruise forming on his stomach and his right arm felt like a spaghetti noodle of pain, especially around his shoulder and back. He really hoped his shoulder wasn't dislocated; he might actually have to see somebody about that, and then he'd have to answer questions about why it didn't hurt the day before, and people had just stopped openly grumbling about him being a potential threat. He wasn't sure if he had it better or worse than Peace, who was flopped spreadeagle in the floor, covered in gauze from a dozen deep claw wounds and floating on some kind of werewolf-strength painkiller.

For the first time in a while, the world was peaceful. It was quiet, Rowan's AC was on full blast, and he wasn't expected to be anywhere for at least a few hours. It was awesome.

Peace said something, and Dmitry realized he was dozing.

"Huh?" Dmitry said, half-smothered in a yawn.

"You wanna go out for ice cream later?"

Dmitry hesitated, trying to look at Peace without moving his shoulder. Was it still a bad time? Was Peace just out of it?

"Sure," he finally said, keeping his tone neutral. "Watch out, if you keep being nice to me I might start thinking you're into me."

From what Dmitry could see, Peace had raised his head to look at him. "Uhm. I get you're joking, but I'm not straight, y'know."

Whatever reaction Dmitry had been expecting, it wasn't that.

"Oh." He went back to looking at the ceiling. "No, I thought you and Diana were like... you were kind of..." He didn't know how to say super blood moon eclipse.

"We're." Peace's sentence just stopped there, didn't even trail off. His voice got a little deeper. "I'm bi. Got a problem with that?"

Dmitry sighed, suddenly aware that Rowan was still sitting on his beanbag in the corner of the room. He was not in the mood. Gingerly, he slid the sword off his chest and sat up partway, trying to keep the irritation out of his voice.

"Okay, look. I am an asshole, I have an academic understanding of tact, I don't always think before I speak. That doesn't make me every kind of asshole."

"Wasn't personal," Peace mumbled, eyes closed.

Dmitry decided to take that as a point to drop the subject. "Hey Rowan, want some ice cream?"

Rowan shrugged. "Sure. I know some good places around here if you want?"

That was when the light from the window vanished, and Peace started screaming.


The three of them fell through the Shatter into a void of blue.

Dmitry's stomach dropped out from under him, twirling in air, impossible images flashing through his mind. He hit water back-first with a force that knocked the wind out of him and kept going down. Lungs aching, head aching, survival instinct kicked in and he started kicking in a random direction. After a second he saw light and tried to point that way, but his air was running out quickly and the sword strapped to his back felt impossibly heavy. Panic started. His limbs stopped obeying him. He felt hands underneath him and he started moving again.

Dmitry hit the surface and started gasping, swallowing water, clawing for purchase at the thing bouying him up. The thing- the person- was still, and once Dmitry was on his back and mostly breathing again, Rhys popped up out of the water and shook his hair out like an irritable dog. His face was bright red and splotchy and looked like it was slowly swelling up.

Water stretched out for miles, and salt stung in Dmitry's mouth and lungs. The air itself felt different. He lay there on his back for a minute, gathering his wits and his breath.

Diana's voice sounded from somewhere. "So, good news, we're not dead. We should head for that thing."

Dmitry floated upright and looked around until he saw it- the only thing on the horizon, a black, rotten-looking wooden ship with ragged sails.

"That looks like the goddamn Flying Dutchman," he grumbled.

"If you think up a better plan, I'm all ears. Can you make it?"

Dmitry took another breath and started swimming.

After maybe fifteen minutes of flailing around in the water and figuring out how to climb up the side- in the end Rhys wound up scaling it and tossing down some rope- the three of them had made their way onto the ship. Dmitry had just about gotten his ponytail squeegeed out when waves started hitting hard. The ship rocked gently to the right (or whatever the hell direction), just enough for him to lose his balance and fall into the cabin wall behind him. He swore under his breath. Then- because things had to get worse- Rhys came running back, shouting and pointing at the sky.

"The hell do y'all two see that thing?"

Dmitry shaded his eyes with his hand and stood up, looking where Rhys was pointing. All he could see was gray clouds.

"See what? Is there a storm coming?"

Rhys looked back and forth, gritting his teeth, then waved at Dmitry and ran back up the steps to the big upper deck with the wheel on it. Dmitry followed. As he went up the steps, the worry about a storm became...

Far on the horizon, a massive creature thrashed, all black scales and giant fins. The only clue to its scale were two figures, one near its head, looking small enough to lay flat on its nose but holding what looked like massive reins. The other leapt from thrashing segment to segment, swinging a sword as big as they were at the person near the head.

The two of them stood there more or less slack-jawed, watching the scene play out over a couple of minutes. Every time the sword got near, the giant snake-fish-monster would dodge, or dive under the water, or flip the person into the air with a bat of its massive tail, which apparently didn't hurt their ability to land gingerly on its back. At some point, Diana showed back up from her search below decks started staring silently along with them. The look on her face was hard and angry.

"Is that sword woman glowing?" Rhys asked quietly.

Dmitry shrugged. "I have no idea how you can tell that's a woman from this distance."

In the blink of an eye, the giant fish disappeared under the waves. Dmitry frowned- and just as quickly was knocked to the ground as a massive wave erupted, dousing the ship in frothing salt water. His eyes stung and he couldn't breathe, and worse when they hit the side of the ship in a pile and the damn kid's bony elbows knocked into his chest.

As he came back to his senses, Dmitry heard laughing above them, rising higher and higher as a shower of droplets came down. Coughing and gripping the sword tight, he looked up in time to see the last of the (giant, massive, impossible) fish soar over the ship and fly- fly- into the air. He didn't realize he was gaping until the salt spray landed on his tongue.

"Fuck. No." Diana said from behind him, climbing to her feet. "Not here!"

The fish rose higher and higher in the sky, nearly fading out of sight against the sun; just as it became a tiny squiggle, a tiny dot fell from it. Whatever it was came in fast towards them, a bright green blur that hit the deck with a crunch that nearly knocked a hole in the deck and bounced, smashing into the door of the captain's cabin and rolling inside.

Diana paused beside him, then jogged over to investigate the cabin. Rhys had ducked under one of the sails and was busy growling something under his breath, so Dmitry shook his head and, not knowing what else to do, followed Diana.

"Rhys was right," Diana mumbled as he got near. "She is glowing."

The woman inside was bizarrely unharmed, and even more bizarrely dressed in some tiny little green silk-and-metal corset-dress thing that had no business covering her. As it was, she was bound in matte black-and-gold chains that made Dmitry's stomach feel a little sick just looking at them, angry and trying to squirm out of them. She was also covered in flowers, which his brain flat-out refused to process.

"Cut her loose."

"What?" Dmitry frowned. "How do we know she's the good guy here?"

"Because that was Rose on the giant fish monster."

His eyes widened, and he looked at her at first like she might be joking. No luck there, from her expression.

"Okay." He sighed. "Fuck."

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