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Angel Cake #12, Rose #25

Name: Greenling
Story: All Great Things
Colors: Angel Cake #12 (Sing the praises), Rose #25 (Love thou the rose, yet leave it on its stem.)
Supplies and Styles:Graffiti (Lilith Fair Day 2 Village Stage), Novelty Beads (Image), Seed Beads, Canvas
Word Count: 324
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: Teenage Diana has a tiny crush.

Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated.

It was a fine, bright, hot, sun shining in a cloudless blue sky sort of day when Ten Fang Alice came back home with another story and another set of scars. The whole cairn spent their night around the banquet table, feasting and trading stories, and the nobles went through so much meat they had to be cut off, prompting any number of groans and a 1 AM run to the McDonald's out by the highway. It was a good night.

The next morning, soaked in sweat and worse-smelling things, Alice woke up on Emma's couch, as usual. Her lips curled at her smell and the gross feeling in her mouth- suddenly she heard the padding of feet running away down the hall. One eye cracked open, and she grinned.

She helped herself to Emma's shower, as well as her robe in case the kid was still around. There was coffee and eggs and beans waiting for her when she came back down.

"You got another one?" she said in a cracking voice.

"You saw her? She's an interesting one." Emma replied over her cup. "Just showed up, hasn't taken a name yet. The way she's been sneaking around I think she has a crush on you."

Alice snorted and ran a hand through her hair. "Does she... realize I'm a woman? Or is that her thing?"

Emma shrugged. "Like I said, just showed up."

"Ah." Alice grabbed a plate and tossed some toast in the toaster. "Speaking of crushes- how's tall, pale, and hairy doing?"

Emma sat her cup down. "Oh lord, you're not starting this first thing in the morning."

"C'mon. You said anything to him yet?"

"Mmh." Emma closed her eyes. "Some things are better left to the imagination."

"Imagination like what? The man bathes in the river like everyone else."

Emma grabbed a newspaper from the table and rolled it up, chasing Alice away from the food as she laughed.
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This intro was wonderful. I got sucked right in.
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Aw. She doesn't even have any lines, but I find Diana's crush to be cute.
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Ten Fang Alice is the best name ever and Diana has great taste in crushes.