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some things you let go;

Name: Mischa
Story: tales from the drowned world
Colors: octarine (the truth is too precious to die for), halloween orange (I am nothing you should trust), bistre (is it worth destroying a thing to save it?)
Supplies and Styles: fingerpainting
Word Count: 487
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: ...a lot of all-around creepy here. Torture, death.
Summary: Help me. Help us. But no one hears: no one can help. Melantha Valeth cannot make herself understood, even for the most important of truths - what happened when her brother died? And what happened after.

Help me, Melantha wants to scream, wants to plead, help us, but the world is all broken glass and deep sea, and she’s drowning, drowning, drowning with glass in her lungs and she can’t breathe, can’t see, everything fractured and broken and wrong-

(she should have died, they should have died, pain and blood and madness, facedown screaming until her voice was gone, not feeling her beloved’s arms around her because she was dying with her brother in their cousin’s arms instead

because nothing could have saved them

nothing nothing nothing

because they did die, steps away from judgement beneath the river, peace and silence -

except the sea never lets go what he is given, and he was given them both, no matter how Myca tried to die before he could claim them, already drowning in his own blood, but he died too slow and she followed too slow-)

No one hears what she is trying to say, what they are trying to say, not even beloved broken Kyrion, who sees too much with the storm’s eyes and never into the shadows, and their father’s secrets are theirs to keep, because no one hears, and no one realizes that her body is a cage for both twins, not just one-

and it hurts and it shouldn’t be and everything


again and again and again and there is nothing to hold onto, nothing nothing nothing nothing,

(time passes and doesn’t pass. everything grows older around them, but they stay the same. their time is broken, their time is shattered, time cannot touch them anymore. how can it, when she died, when they died, but couldn’t die? no one can hear them and no one can help them, no one can help them and no one can save them and they can’t save anyone-)

she is falling, they are falling, but there is no one to catch them. no one

(their cousin whispered in Myca’s ear, while he was dying, of how the world was broken. the world was broken and the only way to fix it was to bring it back to the beginning. everything washed away in ocean water, washed clean, before being reborn.

carved runes into his skin. made him, them, a living record of how the world was supposed to have been. no one could hold that. no one could know that. except their father, time and shadows and secrets and knowledge incarnate, and he could not hold it all inside himself and not shatter. he shattered.

their father is a god.

her brother is mortal. she is mortal.

they shatter. they more than shatter.

it killed him. it killed them.

but the sea wouldn’t let them die.)

No one can hear. No one can help them. No one no one no one no one-

How far will you have to come, to hear the truth? How far?

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Seriously, you write prose with such poetry that you make me jealous. Gorgeous.
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oh this was beautiful. I love the way this flows.
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Oh, wow, this is just incredible. And you say your poetry is bad.