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Chalk White 1 with Eraser, Pastels, Acrylic, and Brush

Name: Nikki
Colors: Chalk White 1. “If the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can just ain't enough!”
Styles and Supplies: Eraser (TOWNOID), Pastels (my gen+romance card; I4: freedom), Acrylic (arrogate), Brush (arrogate)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 619
Story: Phase; the title of this piece is 'Sorry, Dad.'
Summary: Sarah calls Andy to ask for a favor.
Notes: I hate my muses right now. I've been trying to know more about Rich (all I knew before was that he was really pretty) in canon for ages, and the muses introduce him... in TOWNOID. You guys. Takes place in May 2009.

Andy was the only one left in his parlor after closing time, working on the next two weeks' schedules in his office, and didn't hear his cell phone ring over the music he had playing. If it had been in his pocket instead of sitting on his desk he would have missed it completely, but the screen lighting up got his attention. He turned the stereo down and checked the number before answering; it wasn't one he recognized. "Hello?"

"Hey, Andy," Sarah answered. She sounded hesitant and guilty, like a kid reluctant to tell their parent something. "I... sorta need you to come get me."

Crap. She sounded guilty. "Why?"

"...might be in jail," she mumbled, barely loud enough for him to make out over the phone.

Crap. "Why?"

"Um. I was going with somebody to their apartment, and they forgot their keys, and the window was locked when we climbed up the fire escape, and they thought their neighbors weren't home so we could get in that way, and then their neighbors were home."

"You broke into somebody-"

"No! No breaking! The window was unlocked, and we were just gonna go out the front door, and that was gonna be that, but then it wasn't."

Obviously. "What precinct are you at?"

He pressed his hand against his eyes after he got the information he needed and ended the call with a promise that he'd be there soon. The things he put up with. Andy started gathering his things up, forgetting about the schedules.

He called Nic on his way out. "You're actually not going to believe who got arrested."

It wasn't until Andy got to the police station that he found out that the person Sarah had been with was a he, his name was Rich Malone, and Sarah was obviously smitten.

Somehow, he ended up paying both of their bails. Christ.

"Just think of a way for me to pay it off, and I will. I don’t think saying thanks is ever going to be enough," Rich said, once they were all outside. He was still glancing back and forth at the height difference between Andy and Sarah.

"What do you do?"

"I'm a bartender."

That didn't shock Andy much. Rich was pretty enough that he probably raked in tips. "I know a few people that own some bars," he dryly said. "I'm sure we can think of a way for you to work it off."

Rich flashed him a grin, and Andy heard Sarah giggle. Yeah, they needed to go.

"Bye," Sarah had the sense to say, when he grabbed the edge of her sleeve to start leading her away. He didn't see what Rich did in return, but Sarah started giggling again and the smile on her face when he glanced at her was completely idiotic. When she looked at him, her expression suddenly became guilty and she dropped her eyes.

"You're so lucky my wife's amazingly wealthy," Andy groused as he hailed a cab. "You're coming home with me, to explain to my wife why I paid to get two people out of jail tonight."

Sarah only shrugged, still guiltily avoiding his gaze and dragging a foot on the ground.

"Cheer up, midget, we're not going to make you pay us back." He opened the back door of the cab, gesturing for her to get in, but Sarah hesitated.

"Am I gonna go to jail, Andy?"

He snorted. "Nic likes you. Of course you're not going to jail."

"Oh." She looked marginally less worried when she got into the car. It wasn't until they were on the way home that she spoke again. "What about Rich?"

He pressed his forehead against the window. Christ.
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Nicoletta KNEW, SAID LAST NIGHT, that he was going to pay the other bail, too. (And then she went, "As long as he doesn't pay bail for the entire jail, I guess.")

Oh SARAH. Sarah Sarah Sarah.

(Nicoletta is totally good at giving a guilting, "I am disappointed," speech, fyi, and Sarah's gonna hear one.)

Good job!
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Poor Andy! He got the short end of the stick.
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love this! would write more except cat on arm