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Tyrian Purple 21, Chalk White 7, Olive Green 6 with Pastels and Brush

Name: Nikki
Colors: Tyrian Purple 21. lifelong affair, Chalk White 7. "Rockabye Baby, in the treetop/Dont you know a treetop/is no safe place to rock?", Olive Green 6. Caribbean Screw
Styles and Supplies: Pastels (my gen+romance card; G5: learning a skill), Brush (babbit)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 468
Story: Second Genesis; the title of this piece is 'I Can Make You Glad You Came.'
Summary: There are a lot of things that Noah doesn't like about New York City.
Notes: Takes place in April 2036. Possibly, the song they're listening to is 'Glad You Came' by The Wanted, at least in my head

Noah really hated gay bars. That was obvious the first time Jackson took him to one, a few weeks after they moved to New York; he didn't like the music, it was too loud, and the beer was too fucking expensive. He only came back a second time because Jackson had asked. A lot. So he was here, wishing he had thought to sneak a flask in, because Jackson had dressed him in jeans that were too tight for his comfort and now he was asking Noah to dance.

Good Lord.

But Jackson asked and batted his eyes, promising just one song and it wasn't as hard as it seemed when Noah insisted that he didn't have a clue when it came to dancing like everyone else was, so he did. And he really didn't have a clue.

Noah saw Jackson laugh more than he heard him, thanks to the loud beat of music and pop vocals echoing through the room Then Jackson grabbed his hips to pull him close and kiss him hard, and Noah wrapped his arms around Jackson's shoulders.

Jackson smiled against his mouth, before pressing his lips to Noah's ear. "Now just follow me," he said, loud enough for Noah to hear him.

Then he started moving his hips against Noah's, in time to the music and in an obscene and sexual way that Noah wasn't sure should be allowed in public. He liked it far too much. His hips started moving back against Jackson's almost on instinct, and Jackson kept his hand on Noah's hips, forcing him to move to what he guessed was the rhythm of the music until he was able to figure it out himself.

Noah kissed him deeply and wrapped his arms around Jackson tighter. The way they moved against each other was possibly a sin, especially when Jackson grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. He moaned into the kiss before pulling away, and he pressed a hard kiss against Jackson's neck.

"I'm going to fuck you when we get home," he said after he bit Jackson's ear, because Jackson liked when he took charge like that. He also liked making Noah wrestle him down to the bed sometimes, which Noah thought was a bit ridiculous but fun (especially when Jackson would suddenly pin him down and say he wanted to top), so he did.

He could feel Jackson's smug smile, and he was sure that Jackson could feel where he was hard. After they got a cab to go home, Noah kissed Jackson and slid a hand up his thigh. He grinned; Jackson was hard too.

"You planned this," he accused quietly, after they parted.

"Not all of it," Jackson answered, just as quietly. He still had that smug smile on his face.

Noah did love him.
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Aww, Noah, you're a bit of an adorable prude. But not too much of one to have sex. Love it. Great job.
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Oh Noah, so mannered in this way. I notice he's moving like that, even though he thinks maybe it shouldn't be allowed in public. =P

Good job.
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Hee hee, that's cute!